Thursday, July 1, 2010


If you have a small child.. or a big child at heart.. you know the Disney movie, Cars.  If you don't, you've missed out.  But this isn't about the movie, but about my 2-Year old Bug's love of the movie.  Every morning, nearly the minute after he gets up, he begs for me to "Watch a moobie".  And inevitably, he'll wanna watch "Race Cars!".  The glee with which he yells these two words and the light that fills up his whole body is magnificent to watch, so I almost always give in, and Cars it is.  I swear, if I wasn't so good at ignoring background noise, I could quote that movie word for word by now, that's how many times he's watched it.

I changed my mind, this isn't even about my Bug's love for the movie.  No, this is about the main character - Lightening McQueen - and his "catch phrase" KA-POW.

Now let me switch gears for a minute here and say that I took my darling, The Hubs, to Kohl's last week to pick up some shorts since the one measly pair he had is about a million years old.. and was stained.. and it was fraying along the seams.. it may have smelled funny.. and he loved them, but I insisted.  Anyway, while we were there, since they won't allow me to go in and try things on with him, I wandered the store.  Conveniently, the kid's section is located right next to the men's.  And I found Disney's Cars Boys 2T-3T Undies!  I could NOT resist.  I had to buy them for my Bug because I knew he would love them.  Because I knew he'd make cute race car sounds.  Because he's my only boy and my Bunny wanted Disney Princesses undies instead of Cars - which I also bought (I am such a sucker).

And I brought them home and the glee and happiness that filled my home warmed my heart all the way down to my toes.  And Bug insisted that I put them on him RIGHT.NOW.  So I did.  We're using them as jammies this summer, so it's just my Bug in a t-shirt, diaper and his Cars undies.  He couldn't be happier and all was well with the world... until.  Until my Bug started bee-bopping around the living room in his new Cars undies yelling the phrase "KA-POW" with every shake of his tiny Cars encased butt.  Every step was accentuated with a "KA-POW", until I asked him to stop.  Then every step was accentuated with a whispered "ka-pow". He shook and "ka-pow"d his way around the whole living room.. a few times.

He even managed a "KA-POW" while doing a somersault.  Now that is a talent!  I'm not sure how he will use it in the coming years, but it's talent for sure!

And just in case you were wondering, that's Mater on his butt - the good ol' boy with a big heart and the only tow truck in Radiator Springs. Mater runs Tow-Mater Towing and Salvage and manages the local impound lot.  Just so you know. 

Seriously.. Thoughts?


  1. He's too cute and the upside down pic is best! You know it's the small things in life that often have the biggest impact long term so getting a favorite pair of underwear well to me that's inexpensive and priceless!

    I can't wait to see Will and your sweet daughter(s) in Sept!! (And yes BILL TOO!)

  2. You think Cars are all the rage? and boys are different for the love of cars? Oh you just wait. Just wait and see how EVERYTHING turns into a gun, or sword, or triton, or bow, or ax, or slingshot, or other means to kill and maim and destroy. No matter how you may protest - it will happen. It comes on overnight and with a vengeance. You just wait and see! :)

  3. Well, you are training him for hardsuit, right?

    I still remember my Wonder Woman Underoos. Those things were the best! The only thing better would have been if they came with the red velvet boots. Heh heh.

  4. OOOH! I think Keira might die if she could have a Wonder Woman outfit with red velvet boots! Me too for that matter. And maybe the hubs as well!

  5. Cute butt and nice balls