Friday, April 4, 2014

That Girl!

Every Wednesday, The Tweedles' school sends home a folder with all sorts of announcements and important notices (field trip slips, after school programs and the like).  This past Wednesday, Bunny had an extra little orange slip tucked into her Wednesday Folder.

So today, I hauled myself out of bed, showered and put on actual clothes to take my kids to school.  At car line drop off no one sees your jammies.  And because I had to do all that actual getting ready stuff that I normally put off until around 11 when I take a break from my day job, we were late.  So picture the three of us.. parked two blocks away from the school because kids with parents who aren't lazy have taken all the closer spots.. sprinting - DOWN HILL - backpacks flying - to make it in time for the Friday Assembly. I'm surprised no one broke a leg to be honest - but I did tell them not to fall and they should always listen to their mother.  Parenting at it's finest people!

Bunny started to suspect something was up when I didn't drop them off at car line.  She got more suspicious when I followed her down to the lower playground for assembly.  This was the face she gave me when her teacher mentioned how glad she was I was able to make it.

Clearly the cat was out of the bag.  She kept bouncing and laughing and hugging me. 

I'm surprised she didn't take the microphone out of the principals hands and launch into an Oscar speech. But she kept it cool.  "Yeah, I got an award.  I'm cool." Yep, she's That Girl.

The award incidentally is for Excellence in Math.  I could not be more proud.

Seriously.. Thoughts?

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