Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ninjas & Cowboy Boots

Yesterday, we did two pretty awesome things.

The first was a birthday party. It had your basic party elements.  A pool, pizza, grab bags, lots of parents and kids, a play house, a treasure hunt.  Oh yeah, and it had one more element I couldn't forget.

Ninjas!  Best. Birthday. Party. Ever!

We immediately followed this up with an outdoor movie night at the house of one of Bunny's friends.  We got to see a lot of the same parents and kids from the first party at movie night so it made for one great, big, long, play date for Bug and Bunny and maybe for us parents too!  Can I just say there's nothing like watching a movie outside? Kids all snuggled down on blankets on the ground, parents having cocktails in camp chairs.  Such a good time!

The second awesome thing yesterday was Bunny getting her first pair of cowboy boots.  And today for church she was absolutely rockin' that country vibe.

From her cowboy boots to her wooden heart cross necklace to the metal flower hair band, my girl looked good.

Bug wasn't looking to shabby either with his plaid shirt and faux-hawk.

Hope church is ready for these two!

Seriously.. Thoughts?

Saturday, September 29, 2012

I Miss Him Already..

Ever feel like you're on the verge of something really great?

This is not my image.
Like your life is about to take off like a jet airplane and things, which have thus far been challenging to say the least, are about to turn around? I feel like that, only before I can make that last final leap...

I have to trudge through a sewer full of rats, and filth and stuff I don't even want to think about.

Only one more year before The Hubs is finished with school.  The hardest year, I think so far.  Week one down of his new job and of not seeing him except for a few minutes at night, are taking their toll.  The Tweedles are restless and miss him.  I'm restless and miss him.  And family things we used to do together like Friday dinners and grocery shopping/errand running - which seemed so meaningless at the time - are just me and The Tweedles.  Three years we've had him daily to pitch in with the kids, to help around the house, to chat with and tell my day to and ya know, hang with.  And now a year of almost nothing to look forward to... I'm not saying I want to change anything.  He needs to work.  He needs to finish his degree.  It's just..

I miss my best friend already.

Seriously.. Thoughts?

Friday, September 28, 2012

10 Random Things:

10 Random Things I thought about but didn't have time to make posts for:

1. Bug is still sick.  He's still fighting the fever but is well enough to be annoyed and bored at having to stay home from school. C'mon Monday!

2. How awesome is it that the Mars rover found legit signs that water once flowed on Mars?  Honestly, I know it's super geeky, but how cool is that??  And not just because there used to be water, but we are able to tell that from 54.6 million kilometers (almost 40 million miles) away!

3. Had a interesting conversation with another mom about 2nd grade homework.  And how often - especially with the math - we have no idea what they're talking about or how to do the homework the way they want it done.  We know the addition, we know the answer, but the process is so completely unfamiliar we're at a loss.  Also, we're both frustrated that last year it was okay for the kids to count on their fingers, but their second grade teachers don't allow it.  What's more frustrating is that other first grade classes didn't allow it either, so now our kids seem to be playing catch-up!  Did I mention our kids go to completely different schools? Glad to know it's not just us.

4. Is it wrong that I really want these salt and pepper shakers?

5. I hate it when I wake up with 80s songs in my head. - Yeah, you're welcome!

6. It's even worse when the above is running through my head but Bunny is singing Momma Mia at the top of her lungs.  These two songs do no go well together.

7. It might have been the mid-week trip to the ER, but I feel like this whole Hubs going into the office every day thing on top of school, just might kill me.

8. Oh yeah baby.  And I wasn't ever a band geek but I still stupidly cheered at my desk through the whole thing.  Awesome! (Thank you Lexa!).

9. I've been looking into buying a new tablet. I want a 10 inch screen.  I want to be able to photo edit, access the internet, check my email, maintain my calendar and have apps to keep the kids entertained just in case we end up in the ER again. I know everyone loves the iPad but I feel very resistant to getting one.  I have no idea why I'm so reluctant.  So I've been exploring other options like the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 which has a handy stylus for photo editing work.

As well as the Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700 which you can get an optional keyboard for.

I still don't know what I'll end up with.  Too many choices!

10.  Behind this gate, somewhere in all those trees are two plots of 1'x1' land making The Hubs and I a Scottish Lord and Lady.  Yeah, I thought it was pretty cool too.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Plague - Part II

As you know, we suspected The Plague hit our house when Bug started running a fever and complaining of a tummy ache.  Around 4 AM this morning, when we were woken by a screaming Bug, we knew something a bit more complicated must be going on.  We gave him a warm bath to ease his tummy pains but by 9 AM his breathing was still labored and I was worried enough to call the doctor.  Who it turns out, wasn't in today and they re-directed me to Urgent Care.

Did you know that some Urgent Cares don't take all types of insurance?  Yeah, me either.  I found out when we arrived at Urgent Care at 9:30 AM.  The triage nurse refused to let me leave due to Bug's poor breathing insurance or not.  She lead us back to the triage room and took his vitals and whisked us back to a room.  No waiting in the waiting room for us thankfully.  A wonderful doctor showed up about 5 minutes later and looked Bug over.  He was concerned by his tummy tenderness and the 60 breaths a minute he gauged Bug to be breathing at.  And more concerned this had been going on since 4 AM.  But through it all, he was so sweet with Bug.  He even brought him a whole bunch of stickers for being such a trooper.  He made a quick call to the Pediatrician on call and within 15 minutes we were out the door with a letter from him in hand to the local ER.  He said he was calling ahead so they'd know to expect us.

The ER was only two blocks away.  When we walked in they asked me if I was the woman with a child experiencing respiratory problems.  I confirmed that I had just come from Urgent Care and they had him weighed, his temp taken (104!!!) and a Tylenol suppository to get his fever down in less than 5 minutes. I have never had faster service at an ER, ever.  And I can't tell you how grateful I was.  Bug at this point was just laying on me.  Not really talking and so pale and just burning up.  

A few minutes later and we were in an ER room with a nurse checking his vitals.  About 20 minutes and a quick visit from a very nice visit from the ER doctor later, they had drawn 3 vials of blood and put in an IV to get him some fluids to help with the dehydration.  He didn't even cry when they stuck him with the needle. He was such a trooper holding my hand and being so brave.  I cannot express in words how proud of him I was through this whole ordeal.  Even the doctor and nurses commented on how awesome he was, not crying or carrying on even though they could see he was scared and not feeling well.

To distract him from everything I took his picture with my crappy camera phone.

I even got a smile out of him. Sorry about how awful this next photo is, but I was under duress here people.  My hands weren't as steady as they could have been.

There were cute tigers on his gown and they put an ice pack between his legs and behind his neck to help bring his temperature down.  My poor baby wasn't so excited about the IV line into his arm. :(  But the nurse told him to not mess with it so he was super careful every time he moved.  Have I mentioned how much of a trooper he was?

Over the next three hours Bug had a chest x-ray right there in his bed.  He even smiled for the "camera" and managed to say cheese even though he was looking and feeling pretty awful.   The nurse came and gave him some morphine for the pain and then we took a gurney ride to get an ultrasound.  He had been sleeping off and on whenever he wasn't being poked or prodded by the staff.  Again, this whole time he wasn't really saying anything unless someone asked him a direct question.  But after that morphine.  He perked right up - vocally at least.  He chatted about how he was hungry now (for the first time all day - at 1pm) and how he wanted eggs and three pieces of ham and toast.  And then he fell asleep during the ultrasound.  The tech had to wake him up twice to get him to roll over so he could get a better view of things.

By the time we got back to our room The Hubs had arrived - after leaving early on day 3 of his new job.  Could the timing on these things get any worse???  About 20 minutes later the doctor came back with results.  Turns out our little Bug has pneumonia.  Who know that pneumonia presents as a tummy ache?  Who knew you could have pneumonia and have no other obvious respiratory issues like a cough or a runny nose or anything?  Guess we know to be on the look out for that in the future.  The released us a bit later with antibiotics and Tylenol with codeine for the pain.  And strict instructions to see our normal pediatrician tomorrow.

We brought him home and he fell asleep while I was making his eggs, ham and toast.  After even the first round of antibiotics and Tylenol/codeine he's feeling so much better.  His breathing still isn't wonderful, but I'm hoping that will be improved by tomorrow.  At least he's not acting like I'm going to lose him at any moment anymore.

I have to say, this was probably the most stressful and scary time in my whole life.  Seeing him lying there in a hospital whimpering and having trouble breathing was.. yeah, I don't have the words for what that was.  I never want to experience that again.  It could have been worse though.  I'm thankful it wasn't his appendix or something else requiring surgery.  I'm not sure my heart would have survived that.  And the staff at both Urgent Care and the Hospital was so overwhelmingly supportive and wonderful.  They even checked to make sure I had eaten and was okay.   And even as I type this, the doctor from Urgent Care just called to find out how he was doing.  To find out what the diagnosis was and to just check on Bug in general.  WOW.  I'm overwhelmed.  I may cry... again. It's been an emotional day.

Seriously.. Thoughts?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It's The Plague!

Well, the first of this school year's sickness has hit our house.  I was all set to walk out the door this morning to head into the office.  The Hubs had gotten The Tweedles up so GG wouldn't have to, and I wandered into their room to say goodbye and found a small, droopy Bug sitting on his bed.  He looked up at me, told me his tummy hurt and then just sort of wilted.  One Sponge Bob thermometer and 100 degrees later and I was emailing work to tell them I'd be working from home today.

Thankfully, the children's Tylenol perked him right up - for four hours before the fever came back.  At one point I looked over from working to find him laying listlessly on the floor playing with a toy car. My poor Bug. After round two of Tylenol, he's playing computer games and insisting he's not tired while he leans heavily on his arm and fights to keep his eyes open.

At least he got to go to his first day of Karate yesterday (I was kicking myself for not having brought my camera.  Next week for sure!) and choir doesn't start until next Tuesday for him.  Meanwhile, I think my Bug needs a cuddle.  Being sick is no fun.

Seriously.. Thoughts?

Monday, September 24, 2012

First Day - Of Work

The Hubs' first work day in three years.

Man he was grumpy about me wanting a picture.. by the tree..

just like the kids.

I'll never understand men.

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Change is in the Wind

Tomorrow The Hubs will start his first day at a brand new job.  It's a temp job through January, replacing someone on maternity leave, with a hope of it turning permanent.  And this new job marks a whole slew of changes for all of us.

For The Hubs:
It means getting back into the routine of a day job.  After three years of doing nothing but school full time, I think he's beyond ready.  Ready to get back into the swing of working and ready for the income that comes with it.  Dual incomes baby, I can hardly wait!  It also means having to switch all of his classes to night classes.  With about a year left to go, he'll be working all day, and then racing from work to school four nights a week to take classes.  He even has a Saturday class to try to keep up with.  That means by the time he gets home, it will be late and weekends aren't going to be used much for anything but homework.  We won't be seeing much of each other except maybe on Sundays.

For The Tweedles:
I think both of the Tweedles are too young to remember a time when The Hubs was working a regular job.  Bug was less than a year old when he got laid off and we decided to send him back to school, and that means Bunny was three.  I think it's going to be an adjustment for them for him to not be around.  Not just during the day which they aren't likely to notice as much since they're now both in school.  But he won't be there to take them to school in the mornings.  He won't be there to pick them up from school.  And most nights he won't be there to tuck them in at night.  I think they're going to miss him being around more than any of us realize.  It also means Bug has to go into after school care since he'll get out of school before I get off work.  I don't think he'll have a problem adjusting, but it will be another change for him to manage.  And he's four.  All change is hard to manage when you're four.  It's not much easier when you're six.  I'm anticipating some acting out in response to this dramatic change, but hoping it passes quickly and they adjust to the new routine quickly.

For LW and GG:
With The Hubs being gone so much, it means I'm going to need help on the one day a week I actually have to go into the office.  The Hubs and I will be gone to work before either of The Tweedles need to be at school so we'll be depending on GG to get them up, dressed, fed and ready to go, and on LW to get them picked up and driven to school on time.  And since I'll have to drive an hour after I get off work just to get home, I'll need LW to pick them up for me on that day too.

For Me:
It means I'm about to become essentially a single working mom.  I'll be responsible for getting The Tweedles to and from school (except on days I go into the office and then of course, LW will pitch in).  I'll have to get them to all of their after school activities.  Make sure they get breakfast and dinner.  Make sure their homework is done and corrected.  Help them study for tests and work on projects.  And do my day job and my contract work as well. It also means I'm likely to have to pick up a fair amount of the cleaning chores like dishes and cleaning the cat litter that The Hubs won't have the time to keep up with during the week.  I do not know how real single working mom's do it.  I honestly don't.  And I'm not ashamed to admit I'm more than a little terrified by the prospect.

I suspect The Hubs and I will both be exhausted before we get into the swing of our new schedules maybe even after we're into it full swing. It's going to suck, no two ways about it.  And yet, I can't help but be so proud of The Hubs for working so hard for us and going back to school to get his degree.  It would have been so easy to give up ages ago, but even now with the prospect of full time permanent employment, he's still focused on school.  And so proud of LW and GG for being so willing to help out on office days.  They didn't make me even feel a twinge of guilt for asking.  I love how we're all pulling together as a family to make this work.  And while I know there will be days each of us feel like it's too much, that we just can't keep this up, I feel like we'll make it through.  I could not have wished for a better family, people.  I am truly blessed.

Seriously.. Thoughts?

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Next Chapter..

Yesterday, the Space Shuttle Endeavor flew over various parts of Southern California on its final flight before heading into its final home at the California Science Center in LA.  One of its fly-overs was JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) which is just a hop, skip and a jump away from my house.  We knew it was going to fly over and we hoped we'd get a good enough view to get a nice shot of this last chance event.

I must say I think the view from my back yard was probably the best in town of not only the shuttle, but of the two chase planes as well.  One chase plane was apparently taking official photos of the event and the other was there for security.

A few minutes after they flew by, LW texted and said she'd been able to take video as it flew by with her phone.

Man, phones have come such a long way, who would have imagined you'd get such amazing video (and granted, the quality is significantly compressed to view via the internet, you'll just have to trust me that the original is high quality) from a phone.

If you listen closely to the end of the video, you'll hear my big, tough, LW sniffling and while I made fun of her - because that's how evil step-moms roll - I have to say, I did a little sniffling myself when it came by.  It's the end of an era - the shuttle space program is winding down. And this means as of right this second, we have no way of putting men into space.

I'm not worried though.  This isn't the first time we've had a fairly big gap of time in sending men into space.  The 1981 shuttle launch was the first US Space flight since 1975.  And in that gap, huge strides were made in technology and space knowledge.  And maybe it's time to turn over some of this to the private sector.  NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden already has a plan to partner with private aerospace companies to drive efforts for getting astronauts into low-Earth orbits while NASA focuses on longer-term exploration of deep space.  This is similar to what we're already doing by looking to private companies to launch satellites into space for us - only now, we'll be looking to them to safely launch people.  Allowing NASA the opportunity to shift their focus may be just what we need to take our space program to the next level.

In fact, just yesterday I was reading an article on Yahoo News about a Super-Earth Gliese 163c - only 50 light years away - that may be capable of supporting life.  And this is just one of many planets scientists are discovering which might be Earth-like.  We're talking colonization type planets people.  And now all we have to do is find a way to get there.  And with this article from Discovery, outlining the real possibility of a warp drive, we just might get there faster than we think.

Of course, it's all theoretical now, but so was putting a man on the moon once upon a time.  Or a rover on Mars for that matter.  American ingenuity has a way of making the impossible, possible.  So don't look at this as the end of the space program.  Look at it as the beginning of the next chapter of our pursuit to "boldly go".

Seriously.. Thoughts?

Friday, September 21, 2012

Chest.. The King's Game

According to WikipediaIn the Middle Ages and during the Renaissance, chess was a part of noble culture; it was used to teach war strategy and was dubbed the "King's Game".

This was the scene yesterday afternoon before I went to pick up Bunny from school and take her to choir.  Bug calls this playing "Chest".  

I'm not entirely sure what the little trains represent, but I know the penny is a place holder for a lost pawn.  Never in all my imaginings of what married life with children would be like, did I anticipate chess. And now that this is my reality? I really wish I had learned the game.

When the Apocalypse comes, I'm sticking with Bug and The Hubs.. because they at least, know some strategy.

Seriously.. Thoughts?

To Make You Feel My Love

50 years ago today, my parents said I do and committed to a lifetime with each other.  It wasn't a huge wedding, just family for the most part and as I've said before, this is the only photo we have left of that day.

They look so happy don't they?  So young and in love?  For 50 years my parents have weathered good times and bad, sick times and healthy, and are still together.  They had three kids, worked jobs and paid bills, and still found time for each other.  50 years is an inspiration people.. and they've earned every single one.

Eight years ago, when I married The Hubs and the girls, I wanted to play my parent's "song" for them to dance to at my wedding since their anniversary was so soon after.  When I asked, to my shock, they said they didn't have one.

So I gave them one and then forced them to dance to it - and made my mother cry.

I love you Mom and Dad.. Happy Anniversary.  May your Golden Anniversary be filled with all the love you felt on that very first day.

Seriously.. Thoughts?

Thursday, September 20, 2012

What Would They Do Without Us?

Bunny and I attended her first choir rehearsal of the year.  She's moved up into being a Mastersinger now at her church along with all the other second graders and she could not be more pleased.

After rehearsal, we raced home to say goodbye to The Hubs before he went to his first class of the quarter tonight.  Oddly, not only was his car still in the driveway, but we and found him in the kitchen doing dishes.  While I started to get out what I needed to get Bunny's dinner I casually asked him what class he was taking tonight.  All I heard was "Oh crap! What time is it??" before he grabbed his backpack, gave me a quick kiss and was out the door.

Seriously.. what would men do without us?

Seriously.. Thoughts?

Logistically Speaking

This is what my current camera bag looks like.
It's.. functional.  It's black and bulky and has big straps and buckles and while I'm not a fashion plate by any stretch of the imagination, I know it's not stylish.  It's more like what tourists take on vacations and wander around with in their black socks and sandals, so everyone who sees them will know for a fact, that they are a tourist on vacation.  Plus, it's just plain ugly.  And logistically, who wants to carry around a purse AND a camera bag when they're out and about?

The solution? A camera bag that looks more like a purse.  Like the Ginger Camera Bag from Epiphanie  in slate blue.

It's not a whole lot bigger than the purse I currently own. And it would nicely compartmentalize everything I already have in my purse, 

along with my camera, a spare lens and room to spare.

Oh, or maybe the Lola in red, also from Epiphanie.

A little bit more rock and roll but still nicely compartmentalized for all my things.

Never one for purses to begin with, my current bag isn't all that big.  But if I wanted to go a little bigger,

I might consider this Kelly Moore Two Sues Bag in Raspberry.

Still a lot of space for camera/lens/accessories.

And this great little side pocket for credit cards / IDs and extra memory cards.

How sleek is that?

I also really like the Gracie from Jo Totes

and the Betsy also from Jo Totes.  Both of which have plenty of space and extra pockets for cell phones and other things.

Is it just me?  Do these appeal to anyone else?  

Ahh well, maybe if I'm super good, Santa will bring me one for Christmas.  

Seriously.. Thoughts?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Criss Cross Applesauce

Yesterday morning I found him sitting on the floor of our living room breathing in through his nose and out through his mouth.

He said he was practicing his criss cross applesauce and being quiet while the teacher is speaking.

Could I love this kid any more?

Seriously.. Thoughts?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

And Now It's Too Late

"Where there has been cold, you have brought warmth.  Where my life was dark, you have brought light...

..the true magic of our love is not to avoid changes, but to navigate them I take my place by your side."

"Today you are my daughters.  In the years to come, we will laugh together, cry together, fight together and share hope together.  And through it all, my love for you will never waiver. Know that there will always be a place for you in my heart.."

Eight years ago today, two people became one, one person was blessed with two daughters and four people became a family.  A year later we added another daughter/sister and two years after that a son/brother.  Eight years ago today, we promised we'd be there for each other, to love one another, and committed to the new family we had become.

Thankfully, they had no idea what they were getting themselves into..

and now it's too late.   

Happy Anniversary to all of us.. and here's to the journey still to come.

Seriously.. Thoughts?

Monday, September 17, 2012

Rose Exchange

Waaaaaaay back when The Hubs and I tied the knot (literally.. we tied a knot as part of our wedding), there was a part of our ceremony where all four of us, LW and GG included, exchanged roses.  It was a symbol of our becoming a family.  Before we exchanged them, we each just had three roses.  And once we had exchanged them, we still all had three roses.  But now, they were different.  They weren't OUR roses anymore.  Now we carried a rose from each member of our new family.  Just like before the ceremony we were just four people, and after the ceremony, after committing to be a family, we were different too.  The ceremony included a section where it asked us to come together once a year as a family, to exchange roses and to be reminded of why we all came together in the first place, and how we became a family.

So, every year around this time, we as a family - all six of us now - come together to exchange roses.   

We each pick out 5 roses.  We say what we like most about every member in our family and hand them one of our roses.

When we're done passing out all of our roses, we make a promise for what we will do to make the family stronger in the coming year and light a candle.   Sometimes it's little goals like LW promising to get a job or GG promising to spend more girl time with Bunny.  Sometimes it's big things like controlling a short temper better and trying to have more patience - yeah.. that was me - it's me every year.  

Bug and Bunny have participated in varying stages of success since they were born.  This year I think was the first time Bug really got what he was suppose to do and say.  He thanked each of his sisters for the different ways they play with him and said he was going to try to whine less in the coming year.  

Bunny just kept telling everyone how much she loved them and promised to be a better listener and not get into so much trouble. And with a little help from their big sisters, they each sealed the deal by lighting a candle.  Such big promises, I think from two such little people.

Corny? A little Brady Bunch? Yeah, I guess you could say that.  But it's one time a year where no matter what else is going on in our family dynamic, we can all come together and be reminded why we're here.  Why we agreed to be a family.  To remind ourselves to work hard for each other, to be kind to each other, and to love each other.  And more than that, to remind each other we're each worth that love and respect.  It reminds us to try a little harder, to do a little more, and mostly, it reminds us no matter what, we're family.  We're all in this together.

And when it's all said and done and we blow out the candles..

we walk away different.. changed by each other and what it means to be in this family.

Seriously.. Thoughts?

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Online vs. In-Store

A little over 4 years ago, The Tweedles (via The Hubs) surprised me with a first generation Amazon Kindle. From the moment I heard about them, I was In. Love.  And with the exception of replacing the battery, I use the exact same Kindle today.  That's over four years of purchasing and reading all of my books online.  And in that time I even gave away almost my entire book library that's how in love I was.

But I think the bloom is coming off the rose of my love with the kindle book a little.  I decided this morning, I really wanted to go to the book store and get a crock pot cook book.  With some incredibly big scheduling changes happening in our house in the next week or so, I'm anticipating having even less time than normal for making dinner.  The crock pot is going to be my saving grace, and I wanted to have a lot of ideas ready so we didn't get bored with what we're eating.  While I could get a lot of those recipes online, I thought a book with pictures (yeah yeah, insert blonde joke here) might be my best bet.

The Hubs, The Tweedles and I all hit the local Barnes & Noble this morning and I remembered how much I LOVE bookstores!  We spent an hour wandering the books.  I picked up my cook book then wandered over to the sci-fi / fantasy section and browsed the shelves.  I didn't buy any (I do have a Kindle after all!) but I did find 5 new authors who's books I HAD to look up on Amazon when I got home. Amazon for all it's wonders, just doesn't browse very well.  You kinda have to know what you're looking for.  But a book store!  At a bookstore you can wander the shelves and check out covers.  See how thick a book is and really get a feel for it.

Don't get me wrong.  I think I do still love my Kindle.  I love that I can carry around my entire library in one little book, read and re-read every book at any time.  And it's all the better to have it available not only on my Kindle, but my computer and any other computer with internet.  And do you know how many times I've tried to re-buy a book I already own?  Back in the paperback days, I'd buy 2 or 3 copies of the same book over the years, not remembering I already own it.  With my Kindle, it doesn't let me buy it again.  It very sweetly tells me "Hey Dummy!  You already own that book.  Go check your library!".  If only Amazon could make browsing online as much of an experience as browsing in a real book store.

As for the Tweedles, they each got to pick out a book, and while they were browsing I was re-introduced to The American Girl books which reminded me how much I wanted to get one and a matching doll for Bunny. I told her we'd ask Santa to bring it.  And Bug found books with legos!  Books.. with LEGOS!  WOW!  Bunny picked up a book from the Candy Fairy series and Bug got a Dinosaur pop-up book.  Meanwhile, The Hubs got to peruse the History section and books on sailing.

All in all, a very successful book store adventure, and despite all the benefits of my kindle, one I think we'll repeat sometime soon.

Seriously.. Thoughts?

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The New Saturday Morning

It's Saturday.  Saturday Morning to be more precise.  Typically a time for Saturday morning cartoons right?

Welcome to the New Saturday Morning people, where doing a puzzle of the United States and learning the names of the states is way more fun than cartoons.

Seriously.. Thoughts?

Friday, September 14, 2012

Say A Little Prayer For You

Yesterday, while I was making dinner, Bunny came blazing into the house demanding I come outside immediately.. oh and bring your camera.  And I am nothing if not obedient to my daughter's every command.  So, camera in hand, I walked into our backyard to see The Hubs holding something in his hand.  When he opened it up every so slightly, this is what I found.

We've found little, tiny Praying Mantises in our yard before.  Most no bigger than my thumb to the first knuckle, but this guy?

He was a bit larger than usual.

That's The Hubs' arm, just for some perspective.

And while Bug wasn't quite brave enough to hold it himself, Bunny had no such qualms.

I love the wildlife we are lucky enough to encounter now that we spend so much time in the back yard.

Seriously.. Thoughts?