Friday, February 10, 2017

Up Helly Aa - An Epic Viking Festival

The Shetland Islands, archipelago of Scotland, were invaded and colonized by Norse viking settlers in the 8th century.  Today they celebrate a tradition called Up Helly Aa which is a viking festival where they dress up in traditional viking gear.

The groups of vikings are known as Jarl Squads and are leed by an elected Guizer Jar.

And it's KID FRIENDLY people!  You keep looking at photos while I go start work on Bug and Bunny's Viking uniforms!  Anyone know where I can buy one of those helmets??

They spend the whole day marching through Lerwick, the capital of Shetland province singing and chanting then head to the waterfront.

And these guys aren't messing around!

When they get there,  they burn a viking ship with 1 thousand torches.

Let me say that again. ONE THOUSAND TORCHES!

The whole thing ends with a huge blow out party at the town hall with much drinking and revelry.. and drinking!

Absolutely EPIC!  Who's coming with me next year?

Seriously.. Thoughts?

Here's the original article: Epic Photos From Viking Festival In Scotland

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