Monday, January 10, 2011

1920's Speakeasy Sweet 16

Ahh.. GG's 1920's Speakeasy Sweet 16 party.  You didn't think I'd ever get to it did you? You doubted, admit it.  I know you did!

The days leading up to the party were a flurry of activity on all sides.  We spent half of our time finding the last bits and pieces to complete outfits (including an absolutely adorable hat for Bug), and half of our time scrounging up the last of the decorations and party stuff like chairs/tables, punch bowls etc, and the other half of our time setting everything up and getting ready for the shindig.  And if you noticed there were three halves in all of that, you have an inkling of how overwhelmed we were trying to get it all done!

Let me just stop here a moment and say it was amazing.  GG's mom made an amazing pyramid tiramisu cake and a bunch of fancy hor d'oeuvres.  And the dress.  Oh my!  I almost forgot you all hadn't seen it yet!  Here is my beautiful GG in her amazing dress!  She rocked that dress didn't she?

We made mocktails and had plastic champagne glasses for everyone to drink them out of.  GG created her own music playlist which included a mix of old style 20's songs.  The back yard was cleaned up, decked out and lit up with white Christmas lights to create the mood.  Almost everyone dressed up and it didn't rain.  Thank goodness it didn't rain!

Thankfully, GG's mom, step-dad and baby sister were able to make it out from Alabama.  GG was beaming from ear to ear to have her mom be there for her party.  She's in the above photo laughing at GG's attempts to cut up that great big beautiful cake!

GG's night was filled with friends (her own and family friend's from both sides!), family and a lot of fun.  She was beautiful...

She danced..

 She was glamorous..(in a duck face sort of way)

Later in the evening I think she might have been possessed... I swear they were mocktails!!

 She even got to dance with her daddy - which admittedly made me a bit weepy.

I'm finding it a little hard to believe that the cute and precocious little 5 year old I met 11 years ago, has turned into this amazing young woman.  When did this happen?  Where was I that I missed her growing up so fast?  And geez..don't I sound old?  Wait, scratch that.  I am not old!  Honestly, the best part of the night was that we were all one family.  No his or hers, no step and bio.  We were all able to put it all aside for one night to give GG a night she won't forget.  And you can see that in her eyes can't you?  Real, honest to goodness happiness.

Seriously.. Thoughts?

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