Friday, January 14, 2011

Homemade Christmas Gifts - Little Kid Style Part 2

Welcome back to part two of the Little Kid Christmas Gifting Saga.  I wanted to make sure Bunny didn't feel left out giving all those sparkly glitter initials to his sisters, so Bunny made one for him too.  For her sisters though, she needed something special.  Something girly.  Something only sisters would understand.

I headed back over to Design Mom for my second idea : Homemade Bubble Bath!

What I used:
  • Glass Container with Lid  (Michael's)
  • Generic Clear Shampoo - 1 Cup (Rite Aid)
  • Food Coloring - 2-3 Drops
  • Wyndmere Joyful Spirit Essential Oil - 5-10 Drops (Whole Foods)
  • Vitamin E Oil - 2 caps full (Trader Joe's)
Let me just take a moment and talk about the Wyndmere Joyful Spirit Essential Oils I got from Whole Foods.

This is a wonderful blend of Orange, Maychang, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot and Vtiver. Now, I'm not an aroma expert and have no idea what most of those are, but wow does it smell heavenly!  Just the right touch of girly and Bunny agreed when we picked it out.

This was not only a fun, creative project for Bunny, but it also incorporated some counting as she measured out the required ingredients.  Once all the ingredients were added, Bunny stirred it all up (her favorite part) and chose a color for each sister.  GG got orange and LW got a teal color.  Bunny got to decide how many drops to add and make whatever colors she wanted.  They turned out fantastic.

Of course, now that it's WAY past Christmas and New Years, and we're back from our vacation to the farm already, GG has tried hers.  She said it smelled incredible and was a wonderful bubble bath.  And coming from our very own Glamour Girl, you know it's true!

Seriously.. Thoughts?

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