Monday, December 17, 2012

Holiday Spirit Moo-ving On Up

I think having all of the Christmas presents (but 2 and the "Santa Gift") purchased including all of my stocking stuffers and having the Christmas lights up and some of our interior decorations going has helped lift my holiday spirits.  The Christmas music is now playing again in my car and my Pandora and quite frankly, I'm starting to look forward to the Holiday.

So much so, that I wanted to introduce you to some little friends of mine.  Now, it's no secret that I love cows.  Having been raised every summer on a farm full of them, it's hard to imagine not loving cows. I  mean, how doesn't love a little cow tongue? (That's LW - not me).

A few years ago The Hubs and LW/GG got me these really awesome holiday cows.

They're from Mary's Moo Moos Collection.

And they have to be the cutest things I've ever seen.

Turns out there's a ton of these little cows and not just for Christmas either!  I'd love to get enough of these to have my own little Mary's Moo Moos Holiday village, and then I'll start in on the other holidays.

Does this make me sound a tiny bit crazy?

Seriously.. Thoughts?

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  1. So, the cattle lowing would be moo-sic to your ears?