Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Can You Believe I Live Like This?

A few days ago, we celebrated The Hub's birthday.  Now, The Hubs, I think is a pretty typical man and had made several comments about not wanting us to do any sort of celebration.  I also think I'm a pretty typical woman, and that meant we would celebrate because I know that deep down, he loves it.  At least, I think I know it.

(Please forgive the quality of these images - I forgot my camera and had to use my phone and it's not a very good one).

Our evening celebration started with dinner out to the Dog Haus

We'd been here before and loved the food.  They have a huge list of different gourmet hot dog choices as well as burgers and sandwiches, onion rings, hot dogs and tots.  And all of their burgers and hot dogs come surprisingly not on typical buns, but on Hawaiian Sweet Bread.  This makes for an amazing taste combination.  This is a favorite for everyone.  And in a family of 6, finding some place that we all like, is nothing short of a miracle.

We ordered our food and found a place to sit down and that's when things started to get  - well normal for us.

GG started making a moustache out of her straw paper.  

LW contributed by making "Napkin Man" faces.

And The Hubs, vacillated between pretending he didn't know us..

And pretending he was some kind of cape crusader.

I worried about the influence they're having on the younger kids.

Can you believe I live like this?

Seriously.. Thoughts?

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