Tuesday, January 3, 2017

I'm Resolute

It's the time of year for resolutions! I know many of you think they're silly and most resolutions are broken within the first month. But, if you know me, I'll grab onto any excuse to make a list! Bring on the bullets, the indents, the ability to cross things off even if I completed them before I even made my list! And don't look at me like that. You know you do it too just to make yourself feel like you've accomplished more than just making the list itself!

My fanatical list making needs aside, I do try to keep mine realistic and I definitely think of them more as guidelines for the new year as opposed to hard and fast rules. I guess I look at them more as goals for changes I'd like to see in my life and the new year is as good of an excuse as any to start making changes. Everyone's got to start some time.

My list inevitably includes having more patience for my family. In fact, it typically tops the list. I'm what you might call a type A personality. (I know you're shocked! It was the list making that gave it away, wasn't it?) And that isn't usually as conducive to the calm, zen parenting style I'd like to be known for.  On the other hand, my kids aren't likely to miss as many assignments or meetings or events and their activities rarely lack for a team parent or girl scout cookie chair, so you know, it's a balancing act.

I will of course, have the obligatory weight loss / get into better shape resolution. Nothing to aggressive so you won't see work out 7 days a week or go vegetarian on my list. You will find something along the lines of exercise for a half hour 3 days a week, walk the dogs for goodness sake you horrible pet owner, a stern reminder that veggies are my friend and not the enemy and maybe some trash talk about chocolate to break us up.

The last of the things on my list are more about being creative and finding more me time. I joined a book club mid 2015. I think I made 1 or 2 (am I just being optimistic here?) for all of 2016. And that was pretty much the only "me" activity I had going outside of hanging with the other moms at whatever event the kids had going on. And I really don't think that counts.  So I want to try to do things this year that make me happy and make me feel like a complete person outside of my kids. In the last two years I've really come to appreciate how important that is.

Which brings me to my complete lack of social life. This will be the hard one for me to change. Somewhere along the line I turned into a hermit. I don't know how that happened. I know as you get older it's harder to make friends. And since my core group of friends are scattered across the country finding alternate ways of really connecting with people on your own is hard. Like, really really hard. And even harder when you regularly convince yourself that staying home is a better plan.

And with that, I present my 2017 New Year's Resolutions.

1. Have more patience for my family and myself.
  • I don't have to be perfect.
  • The kids don't have to be perfect.
  • My way isn't the only way (even if it is the best way!)
  • Failure is how people learn. It's okay to let the kids fail - it's not the same as letting them down.

2. Lose weight / get more active.
  • Workout 3 days a week for at least a half hour.
  • Get back to walking the dogs twice a day.
  • More greens / less carbs.
  • I'm not going to say break up with chocolate, but maybe it's time to see chocolate less. Get some space and perspective on the relationship.

3. Get the blog back up and going. 
  • Make a new post at least once a week - just keepin' it real folks.

4. Get back into your photography.
  • Post a new photo at least once a week (see how I killed two birds with one stone - realistic goals folks. That's how it's done!)

5. Be more social.
  • Make plans with my local friends and keep them.
  • Go to the book club meetings.
  • Meet ups? Do regular over 40 people do those?
  • Maybe start up a regular mom's get together and just invite everyone and see who shows up? And then even if no one comes I have a nice time out alone. Right?
  • Join a photography class or an exercise group? (There are those pesky two birds again).

And that's it. I may add to the list as the year wears on.. but that's my core resolution for this year. Stick around and we'll see how 2017 goes.

Seriously... Thoughts?

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