Thursday, November 8, 2012

Little Black Dress

I've been talking with my facebook friends a lot about the possibility of a girls night.  With dancing.  At a club.  No no, you keep laughing, let me know when you're done.

Done? Great.  Just because we're in our late 30s / early 40s does not mean we can't work it like a rock star.  Just look at Sex in the City, the whole point of that show was proving that life didn't end at 40, or after having kids, or surviving cancer.  Life has this funny way of continuing on and we can either let it bury us, or we can live it.  These days, more and more, I'm choosing to live it.  I'm doing this in several ways.  I started using the kids activity time, to listen to books on tape and walk for an hour killing two birds with one stone by getting my exercising and my book time in.  I also started going to the gym on Saturdays.  All those endorphins are helping me combat my extra busy schedule and keep me from feeling too run down.  Earlier this year, I picked my blog back up.  See, you're reading it now.  Having this creative outlet has really helped me keep my center, helped me connect with so many new people, and I can get advice from all of you about the pertinent things in my life.  Win/Win for me all the way around.  I even took up the NaNoWriMo challenge to try my hand at a novel.  These are all very me-centric activities that quite frankly, make me feel good.  So good in fact, it makes me want to go out dancing.  Something I haven't done in well, a very very long time.

And I will go dancing.  I don't know when, and I don't know with whom, but I do know that my last little black dress was a size 4 which is not the size I am now.  I'm not sure I'll ever be that tiny again.  So this might be an excuse to shop.  I do have some rules about what I want.  First of all, this is not a cocktail dress, it's a clubbing dress.  I want it to have some flair and be loose and easy to move in.  I'm married already, I am not looking for a man, but I do want to feel sexy but not like a hooker.  There's a fine line there people and so many people cross over without even realizing it. 2. I'm almost 40, so the hemline cannot end right under my crotch like you see most girls wearing these days.  I've given birth twice, no one wants to see that. Something mid to 3/4 of the way to the knee will be lovely thank you. 3. I am not an old maid - high cut and long sleeves are not going to cut it. And finally 4. I did mention I had two babies right?  That means I have curves, let's keep that in mind.

I did a little online shopping this morning and here's a few numbers I think will work just fine.

I love how fun and flirty this one is.  Covers all the important bits and would probably dress up nice with the right accessories.  Plus, perfect for club dancing or line dancing!

I love the sleek lines of this one.  Showing just enough skin but still covering all the important bits.  I feel like the lower part isn't as flowy as I would want, but the top would camoflauge my baby-having tummy while still showing my curves.

A little longer than I was thinking of, but look at that cute swishy hemline.  Love it!

And even though this one falls below the knee, I think it's my favorite.

What would your over 30 - almost 40 club dress look like?

Seriously.. Thoughts?