Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Hullabaloo!

We had a great Halloween this year.  This was the first year that Bug was old enough to really get what Halloween was all about.  And I was a proud mama of both of my smalls for their "Trick or Treats" followed by "Thank You"s.  I love it when they show off their good manners, and they got lots of praise and positive reinforcement!  Love these proud mama moments.

The town we live in hosts a really great Halloween for kids.  All the businesses in our "old town" pass out candy so the kids can all trick or treat in a well lit, well populated area.  As a parent, this really just makes me feel so much better about the whole trick or treat thing. Seriously, the idea of my kids going house to house in my neighborhood kinda freaks me out.  Not that they aren't bad people.  Well, maybe because I have no idea what sort of people they are really.  People these days don't really know their neighbors I think.  Or maybe it's just our neighborhood because it's partially multi-family housing rental units.  Hard to get to know people when they're gone 6 months to a year later.  Still, I know when I was a kid, it wouldn't have mattered where I trick or treated.  Renters, owners, whatever.  But now?  Well, times have changed baby.  Halloween may not be what it used to be, but at least our kids can still experience the best parts of it without giving worrisome Mom's like me a heart attack.  Right?

I did of course, whip out the camera and get photos before the fun began, much to Bug and Bunny's unhappiness.

Here's Bunny.  Can you see how excited she is to pose for the camera?  She loves it.  No really, she does!  Okay, she doesn't.  But I'm the mom, and until she hits those terrible teen years, I can still force her to stand in front of the camera, even if she doesn't smile.

She was Dorothy this year.  But wait!  You've seen this outfit before?  Yep, times are tight.  There was no way I was going to pass up the opportunity to have her re-wear this great costume.  She still looks just as cute don't you think?  Thank you Nanny for providing us with this costume!!

She doesn't look too broken up about it does she?  We're off to see the wizard!

Bug was a knight.  A FIGHTING knight.  Very important that we include the fighting part.  He insisted.  I really love this shot.  It was pure accident, but something about the composition really draws me in.  I think it would have neared perfection if I'd gotten a bit more of his sword in.  Ahh, well.  I still love it.  And couldn't you just melt into those big brown eyes?  Watch out girls!  This one is going to be a heart breaker!

"You talking 'bout me?"
Well, as soon as he realizes girls are like-able that is.  For now his first love is Race Cars, quickly followed by Dinosaurs.  I'm good with that!  (Thank you Nanny for the helmet and shield, and for the original sword that he broke and we had to replace!!!)

And here are my two little Tweedles together.  Yes Bug, I'm still talking about you!  Doesn't Bunny look like she's getting ready to walk down the isle with that bouquet of clover? 

We even had LW show up for part of the fun.  She's in her military get-up. No she hasn't joined up.  But wouldn't she make the perfect poster girl?

Of course, put her with the Tweedles and she's hard pressed not to laugh at those yahoos.  And really, who could blame her?

Of course, maybe it was the crazy pirate lady with the camera that was breaking her concentration.  So hard to tell.

Where's GG you ask?  Yeah, we have no idea.  We dropped her off Friday night at a friend's house and hopefully she managed to find her way home last night (hey, I go to bed early and leave early on Mondays, give me a break!).  This is the first Halloween she's had real plans (she's a junior in high school folks - she's a late bloomer), so I just hope she had a good time with her friends.  If anyone got a pic of her, I'll try to post it later.  Her costume was awesome!

Hope you all had a safe and happy Halloween! 

Seriously.. Thoughts?

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