Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Distorted Body Image

If you're a woman, chances are, you have a distorted body image.  I want to blame the media.. the models.. the A-List size 0 super stars who never gain a pound.  You know those women who have babies - twins no less - and who are back to a size 0 days after giving birth.  Yeah.. those women.  I'll blame them for the distorted body image.

In an attempt to balance what I think I look like with what I actually look like, my best friend Cris and I made up a new game called "Who do I look like?"  I know you're jealous of our naming skillz.  The game is simple, you go to a well traveled area like the mall, park, or an amusement park and find a comfy place to people watch.  Then, if it's my turn to play,  I'll sit quietly eating my ice cream while Cris scans the crowd for someone who has my same body type.  When she finds one, she'll point her out exclaiming "THAT is what you look like!"  It's important to exclaim so the other person will really believe that's you're body type.  Fostering a sense of trust is key here and lying to save your friend's feelings isn't part of the game.

You'll be shocked at what you actually look like.  I see myself in the mirror every day, and I still never believe I look like those woman. They're way skinnier with better curves, less flabby arms and certainly smaller saddlebags than I have.  But Cris plays to win, so I know she wouldn't lie.

Unfortunately, I don't get to play this game very often.  My best friend Cris lives in Boston and doesn't get out to visit much.. and The Hubs refuses to play.

Smart Man.

Seriously... Thoughts?

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