Sunday, June 27, 2010

Robin Hood?? Is that you?

Today was archery practice day.  We started archery practice three Sunday's ago and the fact that I can manage to get my arrows anywhere near the paper target is a miracle.  That's why we go to practice right? Despite my lack of proficiency, I love it.  I love the romance of it.. the medieval feel of it all.. the trees, the friends, the fun... the hope that Robin Hood will swoop out of the trees at any moment with Little John singing a diddy like in the Disney Movie.. but I digress...

Me on the far left.. with my 15 year old in the middle and my friend Joanne on the end.  Have I mentioned girls RULE!

Now.. the basics of archery are simple...
Get an arrow...
Use all your measly weakling strength to pull back the bow..

Now.. aim at that little target WAY over there...
And pray like the dickens you don't seriously embarrass yourself by putting your arrow in the dirt.

And I hit the bullseye and lived happily ever after.

All fairy tales should have a happy ending right?

Seriously... Thoughts?


  1. My dad had a big hunting bow years ago. I assume he still has it somewhere, but he never uses it anymore. I remember trying it once long ago. Couldn't even pull it back!

    You look awesome there, Wendi! I can so imagine you back in medieval times.

  2. Awww.. thanks Mindy! Wait until you see my next post about the horrors of archery! :)