Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lonely in SoCal...

I have friends.. no really.. I do.  I just don't have any friends that live.. here.  As I've stated, I live in sunny SoCal, my nearest friend is about an hour away.  My farthest friend is an all day plane ride away.  I have friends in Santa Monica, near Irvine, in San Diego, Temecula, Seattle, Yuma, AZ, near Chicago, in Boca, near DC and finally.. Boston.  And these aren't just acquaintances I'm talking about.  These are my good friends.. my close friends.. the friends I would call up and go to the movies with or cry on their shoulders if I needed it. The friends I would trust with my kids, my secrets, and to play the "Who do I look like?" game with.  The friends I have dirt on.. and who have dirt on me.  They're the friends I would invite over for dinner parties, or just hang out with.  They're the friends who'd make holiday plans with me and my kids.. maybe we'd BBQ.. maybe we'd order in. These are the friends that would have a pool that my kids could play in.  These are the friends who would have kids that would play with my kids so my kids could grow up knowing their parents weren't complete social outcasts.  This is how it should be.. But it's not.. They all live Too.Far.Away.  And plane tickets are spendy.

Can we hurry up with that transporter already?

Seriously... Thoughts?

ps - I miss you guys.

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  1. I could have written this post myself....I feel the exact same way. I have friends here, but not DIRT friends. :) It's odd, because I grew up here, mostly, and grad school, and have lived and worked here for 14 years. But it's not the same. I miss you too, hunnybunny.