Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I love Austin Vol. 1

I am in love with Austin.  No.. not just love.  I would marry Austin if I could.  I fantasize about Austin almost daily.  I dream of my life with Austin and it includes cowboy hats, shit-kickers and teens who regularly use the phrases "Yes'm" and "No Sir".  This is just the first in a series of I Love Austin posts - because Austin had me at hello. 

Yahoo says you're the top city for jobs this year: Lots of tech jobs, entrepreneurs, and setting up well for the clean tech industry.  What more could you want from a city?

US News proclaims you one of the best cities to live in : Citing that if you're a free spirit, music junkie, BBQ lover or have what it takes to "keep Austin weird" than this is the place for you!  We were meant to be Austin, can you doubt it?

Oh Austin.  Will we ever be together? 

Seriously... Thoughts?


  1. It's a least a bit further east...and I'm good with that. As far as Texas goes, Austin is the only place worth talking about. :)