Monday, October 4, 2010

Binkie Down

Binkie, Nuk, Buba, Pacifier, whatever name you give, Bug and Bunny love them.  Admittedly, we've let Bunny keep hers way too long.  She's almost 5 now.  But having Bug and Bunny share everything including a room, made it hard to keep her from them, when her brother was still young enough to need them.  So instead of fighting a losing battle, we just let her continue to have her Binkie only at nap and bedtime. 

However,  this all came to an abrupt end this past Sunday.  The Hubs got up early on Saturday to wrangle The Tweedles, so I could sleep in.  I was abruptly woken up to two Tweedles screaming and fighting and The Hubs with his voiced raised.  Seems they were fighting over a binkie.  And The Hubs had had enough.  He gathered them all up and took them away announcing the end of binkies.  I don't think Bug and Bunny really believed him until nap time came around, and the both went to bed, without binkies.  Even after that first nap was over and done with (without much fighting) they still didn't really believe that binkies were over.  When bedtime rolled around Saturday night, the howling and screaming and crying that came from their room was overwhelming.  The reality having finally set in.

We're now on Monday night, day 3 of being binkie free.  Bug did have a bit of a pout this morning at 6am when he came into our room complaining that he couldn't find his binkie.  He was very upset when I pointed out there were no more binkies.  If looks could kill, people. If looks could kill.

All in all, the transition has gone way better than I thought, and I'm glad we did it.  Bunny was WAY too old, and Bug was old enough.  Next will be the battle over their blankies.  I'm not looking forward to that one.

Seriously.. Thoughts?


  1. yes, the Blankie War will be a costly one. just remember to take it one day at a time, and more importantly: Breathe.

  2. Not sure that is one to worry about! Jessica had hers all the way to ASU and BACK! It finally clumbled and was gifted to the great beyond........ Wendy M