Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Comings and Goings

Well, we've had some good news, some fun times, and some sad days all over the last week or so.

My parents arrived on Thursday night.  I haven't seen them in over a year.  This was especially important for me for a few reasons.  My mom hasn't seen Bug since he was born.  He's turning three next month.  And while The Tweedles remember my dad from various business trips he had out our way, they don't really know my mom. I really want them to know both of their grandparents.  It's important.  It just is.  Also, my dad has been pretty sick this past year with a lung infection that has landed him in the hospital several times for extended stays.  So, for him to be well enough to travel out this way meant he was on the mend.

We went to our SCA event this weekend.  My parents dressed up in garb and looked fabulous.  And since I was dumb, and didn't take my camera out even once, I have no pictures of it. Not a single one.  I know!  I have no idea what I was thinking.  I am hoping one of the friends we camped with might have gotten a picture, but I doubt it.  I'm so sad! 

We did have fun though.  I competed in my first SCA archery tournament and my parents even got to watch me.  I know that I'm over thirty and an adult with my own kids and all that, but I can't help but get that thrill of showing off what I can do for my parents to see and knowing that they are proud of me.  It put me back in school all over again.

Anyway, it was a double elimination event, which means I had to lose to two people to get knocked out.  I lost both my first and second rounds.  But in all fairness, in my second round, they paired me up with an olympic level archer.  So unfair!  Everyone was so nice and made the whole experience so much fun, I didn't even mind.  It's hard to be a bad sport when you lose to someone who keeps you laughing the whole time!  Such good fun!

They also had an event called dog coursing.  They set up a wire track (usually in a big square shape) on the ground and tie plastic grocery bags to it.  The wire is on pulleys and is attached to a battery to run the wire and subsequently the grocery bag around the track.  The bag simulates a "rabbit" and the dogs chase it around the track.  At least, that's how it's suppose to go.  Morph (our big, sweet ball of fluff) was up first.  He had never done this, and I wasn't completely convinced he'd chase the "rabbit".  So the woman running the show, moved the "rabbit" about 100 feet away from Morph. 

He looked at me. 

I encouraged him to chase it. "Go get it Morph!  Go on!  Get it!  You can do it!  Go get it!". 

He looked at the rabbit and took a slow, lumbering trot over to the plastic bag.  All I could hear in my head while he moseyed over there was "Dum de dum.. dum de dum". 

Everyone there laughed.  He was a pretty funny sight. 

When he made it to the bag, the woman running the show moved it again.  Morph looked at the bag, then looked back at me.  Then proceeded to walk off the field.  Apparently, chasing a plastic grocery bag around a track is not his thing.  So we went back to camp and I gave him a big treat.  I love him.  Even if he won't chase the rabbit, and would make a terrible hunting dog.  Thank goodness we're not depending on him for our dinner!

We had a really good night Friday night listening to the drums, and letting them lulll us to sleep.  Saturday night we even went hunting for the drums and some belly dancers to watch with my parents.  But the parties started a little to late for my old people who pooped out early. 

And then came the bad news.  Saturday night was a rough night for my dad.  He had a big asthma attack and couldn't breath.  He ended up moving a camp chair into his tent and dozing in that chair all night because he couldn't lay down.  His lungs I guess, aren't as recovered as we all hoped.  Thankfully, we had already planned to go home Sunday.  More bad news came last night.  My old people decided that my dad was feeling bad enough that they had to cut their trip short.  They ended up leaving this morning and are now somewhere in Arizona.  They should be home in another two days and then he's going back into see his doctor - hopefully before the deep cough developed over the last few days turns into pneumonia. 

I'm super sad they had to go home early.  I was looking forward to spending time with them.  I was looking forward to them spending time with all of the kids.  They've never really been around much because they've always worked, so I really hoped this would be the start of some good bonding time.  However, I do realize it's more important for my dad to get better.  And since it's only 74 days (but who's counting?) until Christmas when we'll be out visiting them for two weeks, that gives him some time to recouperate and get ready for a full house of chaos when we come out.  And meanwhile, at least Will now knows who Grandma and Grandpa are, and we all feel a little more connected despite the difference between here and po-dunk no-where east Texas.

Seriously.. Thoughts?


  1. bummer your folks had to leave early :( hope your dad will be ok

  2. Thanks Dena. They finally made it home today, and hopefully will be in to see the doctor soon. His cough has worsened and he's feeling pretty awful. Hopefully the doc will have the right meds to fix him right up again.