Sunday, February 6, 2011

Blue Ocean.. Blue Sky

Yesterday, morning, we got up before the sun, packed up ourselves and dropped The Tweedles off at their Nanny's house to head down to San Diego.  We arrived down there to find it sunny and almost 70 degrees.  We met up with our friends who agreed to take us out on their sailboat.

This photo was actually taken a few weeks ago when we were down there for another reason so GG's friend wasn't with us on this trip.

But GG was.  She spent almost the entire trip on the front of the boat lounging around in her purple with white polka dot bikini listening to her ipod, reading her Cosmo magazine and generally ignoring the old folks us.  Not a bad way to spend the Saturday after finals if you ask me.

Our Captain for the day was Tamlin.  He might be in the middle of saying something here, or maybe he was making a smoochie face for the camera.  It's hard to tell with Tamlin.

His lovely wife J joined us as well.  As you can see from the way she's dressed, that although it was sunny and almost 70, with the wind out on the ocean, it was a bit cold.  I personally had three layers including a jacket on, plus I huddled under a blanket most of the trip.  I only brought my hands out to snap these few photos and to drink my chick beer.  Yes, I drink chick beer.

The Hubs also came along and was looking pretty good.  Hey there handsome.  Wanna get married and have babies with me?

We got to see a few of these, which I thought was pretty cool.  They have a light on top, and some of them make little noises to warn boats they're there.

We saw a lot of these.  J named this one Oliver and when The Hubs threw out a chip for him to eat, suddenly about 10 more descended on us.  It was crazy scary like the movie The Birds.  Have you seen that movie?  You should.  Scary.

We saw lots of little sail boats like Tamlin's, but we also saw some beautiful Yachts like this one.  The Hubs called dibs on this for when we win the lotto.  Quite frankly, that's the only way we'd ever be able to afford one of these lovely boats.

We also happened to see this beauty while we were out.  Reminds me of what the ocean must have looked like way back in the day.  We think this might have The America - a replica of first vessel that won the famous America's Cup.  This sails tours as part of the San Diego Maritime Museum.

We mostly sailed out by Loma Point.  This is Loma Point.  It's pretty no?  I wouldn't mind living out there on the edge of nowhere.  Until the hurricanes come.  Or a tsunami.  Or an earthquake that drops the point into the ocean like Atlantis. Then I'd prefer to be in Austin. 

Coincidentally, we were right near a Naval Base too, so we got to see a few of these flying around.  The Hubs took these shots and tells me this is a Black Hawk.  We also saw a submarine under repairs, and some Marine Corp Harriers,  E23 HawkEyes, and P3 Orions.  But that's just a bunch of boy stuff. 

Next time we come back I really want to go on the San Diego Maritime Museum tour of The HMS Surprise. Now THAT is a sailboat.  No offense Tamlin.

Seriously.. Thoughts?


  1. Did you really mean to say sound at the beginning or down?

  2. All these pretty photos, amazing boats and you pick on my wording? Yes, I meant to say down. It's corrected now. Thank you!