Tuesday, February 1, 2011

She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy

One of the truly unique things about living out in the middle of nowhere, is that even before you get your license, heck even before you turn 16, you can drive.  Four years ago, when we took the family to the farm for Christmas, this was a huge deal for GG.  This year, even though she was 16, she still didn't have her license and it was still a big deal.  One of the very first things my wonderful and fun Uncle (who will henceforth be called Uncle K because calling him just Uncle seemed weird to me) did, was put GG on a tractor. 

It wasn't unusual to see this coming at you as you wandered through one of the fields.

It was a little unusual to see Uncle K hot-doggin' it on the tractor forks as GG brought the tractor down to the field.  Brave man my Uncle K.  He came along to give some instructions so that GG could do some work for him, all in the guise of "fun".  Man that Uncle K is slick!  He's like Tom Sawyer, I tell you!  Must be something those country boys learn early on.

His instructions were simple.  Bring the tractor into this little corral area where he was storing some hay bales, pick one up, and move it out for the cows.

Sounds easy enough.

Except for one thing.  In all of her driving lessons with The Hubs, they never covered reverse.  If you blow up this image (just click on it to see the larger version) you'll see that she backed up the tractor forks right into the wire gate there. 

Now let me tell you another thing about my Uncle K, he is the most patient, calm man I know.  I don't think I've EVER seen him lose his temper.  Not once.  So after letting her back up and pull forward and back up and pull forward and back into the gate, pull forward, back up so the tree limbs attacked her and pull forward again and we'd all had a really good laugh, he walked up and gave her some friendly and calm instructions.

He even told her what a great job she was doing - especially for someone who hadn't ever done it before - and finally got her backed up to where she was suppose to be.

A few more pointers later, and she backed right up to the bale and got it on the fork and in the air!  Not to shabby for a girl who hasn't even taken drivers ed yet!  I think we have a video of this, I'll try to get my hands on it.  If I do manage to post it, please ignore the laughing people in the background!

Seriously... Thoughts?

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