Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Come on Baby, Lets Do The Twist!

Did I mention before that in exchange for keeping her on our phone plan, LW comes over a few times a week to play with the little kids.  When we started this about 4 years ago, it was a good way for LW to keep her phone and yet still have to do something to be responsible for it.  And, it was a way for me to keep LW active in Bunny, and later Bug's, lives.  With a 17 and 19 year age gap to Bug and Bunny respectively, and with LW not living at home anymore, it was important to me for them to get to see her as much as they could now.  Who knows where her life will lead her as she grows into adulthood, and while we have her in the same city, at the same time, I wanted to nurture their bond as much as I could.

In theory, it was her job to come over and "wear them out" for an hour.  Originally it was to tire them out so they'd take their naps.  Now it's to get them out of The Hubs and My collective hair for a bit during the day.  Most of the time, since Bunny is now in full day Kinder, LW just spends an hour with Bug.  Sometimes though, she'll come a little later in the day and take the both out.  A good deal of the time "out" is simply in our back yard either kicking a ball around, or playing chase or generally being loud and energetic.  Very rarely she takes them to the park.  Unfortunately for The Tweedles, she seems to have an aversion to the park.  A lot of the time though, she takes them out to a local canyon where they can hike around and play in the small stream that runs through it.  Does anyone remember the movie A River Runs Through It?  Oh Brad.. you are a dream. If you've never seen the movie, go rent it.  Go on.  I'll wait.

And all of this is perfect.  Only sometimes, even in So Cal, it rains.  This really limits what LW can do with them.  I mean, The Hubs is usually studying during the day, and I'm working so it's not like they can run around screaming and chasing each other through the house.  Oh yeah, and as a reminder, this is a 1200 sf house, so it's not like we have extra space or a "play room" .  Oh.. how I dream of a playroom.  One specifically on another floor to my office.  One where I can simply shut the door to hide the disaster they can create in mere moments, instead of that disaster taking place in my living room. If we moved to Austin, I bet we'd have a play room.  I love Austin.  I love play rooms. Anyway, today it rained.

So LW, waded into GG's messy room and retrieved... TWISTER.  Inside game? Check.  Learning game? Check.   Does it get any better than this people?  Why didn't I think of this sooner?

LW laid it all out and they took turns being the person to spin the dial and being the person on the mat.  When it was Bug's turn to be spinner he had to figure out what color and what body part LW was suppose to move around.  LW usually helped him out with this.  Sometimes contorting her body to help him figure out what she was suppose to do next, was entertaining  hard.

When it was Bug's turn to be on the mat, he had to figure out which hand/foot was right or left, and which color to put it on. 

Sometimes he needed help just trying to figure out how to stretch and twist his body to get it where he wanted it.  Thank goodness for big sisters.

And my little man really got into this.

He didn't always get the colors, or know his right from his left.

But he sure did laughed a lot.

Seriously.. Thoughts?


  1. I think for me that was the best read yet! I loved all the laughter in the pictures!