Friday, February 11, 2011

Say.. Cheese!

On the last day before we left the farm, I gathered up The Old People and Uncle K along with the kids and The Hubs and dragged them outside for some family photos.  I do not have a single picture of my parents in my house.  It's tragic I tell you.  Tragic.  And I was determined to fix this problem.  In fact, I was going to fix it a few months prior when they were out visiting.  I had it all planned out with a trip to the LA Arboretum.  My Old Guy however, wasn't cooperating and got sick again cutting their trip short.  They were not going to evade me or my camera this time!  

The first shots I tried to get of them, failed miserably.  I brought my Old People out first to see if I could get a nice shot of them.  In addition to not loving the rather flat background of fields and trees, I ended up with this shot.  I believe my exact words were "Pretend you like each other."

Ew.  Kids should not see their parents kiss like this.  Ever.  I seriously think I've been scarred for life by this one shot alone.

Then they made up for it and I got this pretty shot of them with their eyes closed.  They look happy.  They look content.  They look exhausted and relieved that my family and I are leaving the next day!  Wait a minute!

Here we go!  This is one I can put on the mantle.  Have I mentioned I love my Old People?  I still didn't love the background though, so I dragged everyone down to the pond to take photos on the dock.

Of course, getting this bunch of ya-hoo's to settle down was nearly impossible. Now, do you see what I have to work with people??  I'm amazed I ever get a good shot!

This shot was obviously completely unposed and I really love how it came out.  Other than the fact that they're sitting close together like they like each other, this could have been a candid.  In fact, I'd wager in some families - you know, the ones who actually enjoy each other's company - it might have happened naturally, instead of me threatening bodily harm for them to pose for me.  Ahh, I wonder what it's like in those families? 

My Old Guy took this really nice shot of The Fam. 

When I tried to get a shot of the kids with the amazing Uncle K, everyone started making bunny ears.  Except for Uncle K who appears to be throwing gang signs.  You know he was born in So. Cal. right?  Uncle K is California gangsta baby!

My Old guy also took this great shot of "The Fam".  I actually really love how this shot came out.  Of course, I wish Bunny's hair was brushed out of her face, and GG wasn't so tall, and that I wasn't standing next to LW who's skinny self is making me look fat.  At least we look like a normal family.

It's not like how we normally act.

Seriously.. Thoughts?

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