Thursday, July 1, 2010

I love Austin Vol. 2

Another reason I love Austin is for their homes.  Here in sunny SoCal, my tiny 1200 SF house is rediculously over priced.  And granted, we have a fairly large corner lot, but it's still overpriced compared to the rest of the country.  But in Austin.. oh Austin.  I could live in this lovely 5 Bedroom, 3 Full Bath, 3,138 SF home on .. and wait for it now folks.. 4.1 acres of land for just under HALF of what I'm paying on my current mortgage.  Can you just imagine it?!?  The luxury of space.. with a reduced price tag.

Every child in our house could have their own room thereby removing the unhappy sounds of kids fighting or playing when they should be sleeping.  We could have guests come to visit and have a real room for them to sleep in, instead of either kicking the 15 year old out of her room or making them sleep on the couch (no, it's not a sleeper).

And we could send the kids out to play on 4.1 acres.  How worn out would they be at the end of the day?  And the dog?  I think he might believe he's gone to heaven with all the space! And I just thought of it.. can you imagine how much space we'd have for archery?  We could set up our own range.  We could set up several ranges!

And we'd have room for all The Hubs collections - and he is an avid collector of lots of stuff.

And how cute is this house? And that porch? And it has a second story! Oh Austin, is it any wonder I'm so in love with you?

Seriously.. Thoughts?


  1. So what's holding you back?????

  2. Well, it's a longer drive, but we'd still come visit you. (P.S. I *like* your couch!)

  3. Well, immediate concerns like not wanting to pull Glamour Girl out of High School to move. And The Hubs being in college so the likelihood of us managing a loan is pretty slim. Then there's the fact that this is his family home and he's not ready - and might never be ready - to give it up. So it looks like for the short term at least, we're Californians.