Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Flowers On A Tuesday

It's been, what feels like weeks, since I've had my camera in hand.  The hustle and bustle of getting everyone into a school routine sorta took my life over.  Now that we're settling in nicely, I had a moment this afternoon to just sit down and breath.  And what do you think is sitting right behind my laptop for me to gaze upon?  The roses from our rose ceremony from this past Saturday.  I also got conned into some absolutely beautiful purple flowers (Anyone know what these are?).  For only 2 bucks for a huge bundle, I couldn't refuse.  I'm such a sucker.

So you know what I did with those amazing flowers?  I took them right out to my new back deck to do a quick photo shoot.  And now that I have this amazing new back deck, I didn't even have to put shoes on.  This is very important.  No shoes = good.

So for your viewing pleasure, may I present, Flowers on a Tuesday.

1/100, f4.5, iso 800 35mm

1/100, f4.0, iso 800 24mm

1/40, f7.1, iso 800, 46mm

1/40, f5.0, iso 800, 46mm

1/40, f5.6, iso 800, 55 mm

1/15, f5.0, iso 400, 39mm

Which one is your favorite?

Seriously.. Thoughts?


  1. Margaret says the third one down with the depth of field and because I've been married 27 years, I agree with her!

  2. Gladiolas! Love all of the pictures! Glad your head is feeling better!


  3. Gladiolas! Yep, that's what the woman said right before she conned me into buying them. Thanks Julie!! I like that one too Mikey!

  4. Wendi :D this is me being a dork.

    # 6 has both the purple and red, with a touch of green and blue sky, which appeals to my culture
    #5 the lighting and color are perfect with the outer most petals a deeper purple, fuchsia at it's centers, lovely
    #4 Cool, abundant and stark at the same time, new buds give hope
    #3 where are you looking too lonely rose?
    #2 Past, present and future.
    #1 White, my love is pure and purple our spirituality.

    I can't decide. humpf.