Sunday, September 12, 2010



Do you know it?  If you don't, please let me be the first to introduce you.  Quelf, is a game.  Right now, it is by far, my favorite game of all time.  For a family who loves to laugh, this is the only game to have.

The point of the game is simple.  Roll the die, and move your player along the spaces to the center of the board first.  Sounds easy enough right? Right!  There are of course, a few slippery tricks along the way.  Each of the spaces on the board are color coded.  When you land on a space, you have to draw a card of the corresponding color.

Now, blue cards are my favorites.  They add extra rules or "roolz" to the game.  They can be global rules, that everyone must follow - like in tonight's game, we had to end our turns by announcing in our best southern preacher voice "And all the brother's and sister's said Amen".  To individual rules - like in tonight's game, LW had to keep one hand on the floor unless it was her turn and The Hubs had to read all of his cards in a preacher voice.  And they don't stop at the end of the turn, they just stay in play until another rules card tells you to remove it.  SO FUN!

The green cards are trivia cards.  And they can be anything from the obvious (like what color is blue?) to the impossible (Like if Mr. Potato head was given an award for sports and fitness by the US Gov't).

Red cards are called Scatterbrainz and everyone gets to play.  The person who landed on red, draws a red car, then picks a topic (like famous roads, or 1-syllable words starting with the letter W).  Then everyone in turn has to give a valid answer, whoever doesn't loses and has to move back as many places as the card says to.

Purple and Yellow cards are similar.  Yellow is Stuntz - tonight GG had to wrap toilet paper around her head and be a mummy until someone rolled a 4.  And purple is Showbiz - tonight LL had to put her chin on her left shoulder and grab her left ear with her right hand while reciting a 6 line poem she wrote that rhymed.  Yeah, it was AWESOME!

You can find Quelf at Target and Amazon, and loads of other places I'm sure.  And trust me on this one, you WANT to find it, buy it, play it, then force everyone you know to play it with you.

Family game night just doesn't get any better than this!

Seriously.. Thoughts?

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  1. the game is crap...making fool of oneself not cool