Friday, September 10, 2010

The Last Days..

I came into this blended family, when GG was 5 and LW was 11.  Well, that's when I met them all anyway.  And I remember the craziness in the days before school started.  There were back to school clothes to buy, and school supplies, backpacks, pens, paper, crayons, scissors, highlighters etc etc.  And then there was the jitters.  You know, the absolutely crazy behavior kids exhibit the few days before school starts.  Like they're excited and scared and on crack all at the same time? Yeah, that's the stuff.

Well, Bunny is experiencing her first round of this.  Pre-K wasn't such a big deal, but Kinder seems to have her all in a tizzy.  These last few days before school starts have been filled with wild mood swings from giddy excitement, to down right nasty tantrums.  From sweet loving kisses and hugs with promises to never leave me. Ever.  To demands the she be emancipated immediately.  No really, she threatened to get her lawyer uncle to represent her!

Okay, not really.  But I expect to it to happen at any time.  She's been acting more like 15 than almost 5 these days.

Needless to say, I'm ready for school to start already, so we can get her new routine estabilished.  We took one more baby step closer to that today by attending our school's Back to School Fair.  This is where the kids can meet their teacher and find their classroom.  It's where you can sign up for everything from the PTA for us parents, to mathletes and the scouts for the kids.  You eat hamburgers/hotdogs, chips and a soda and play with all the other kids who show up to this shindig.  You also can buy school t-shirts, backpacks and sweatshirts all emblazoned with our school logo.  They're actually very cute.  (Go Bobcats!). 

We arrived early, and had done and seen everything there was as well as spending a good half hour playing on the playground when The Hubs and I were ready to go.  Bunny was not ready to leave when we were.  I'm not sure she ever would have been ready.  In fact, I imagine she would have spent the night there if we would have let her.  The tantrums have been terrible. Horrible. No Good. And very bad.

Clearly, school can't start soon enough.  3 more days and counting.

Seriously.. Thoughts?

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