Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Don't Date This Girl!

This is a Public Service Announcement.  School is starting up again, and if you live in or near the LA area, please do not date this girl!

First of all, she's super annoying.  And you can read all about that here.

But mostly, it's because her Daddy is a former US Marine and Expert Rifleman.  Platoon Sniper in fact. I used to say "ex-Marine" but The Hubs has set me straight. There's no such thing as an "ex-Marine".  They just don't exist.  Apparently, once you're in the Corp, you're always in the Corp.  Even if you're not in the Corp anymore.  Cool, I confused myself and made a rhyme.  I love that! Back to reasons not to date this girl.

Although her Daddy doesn't currently own a firearm, he does own one of these.

And it shoots one of  these.

And I can guarantee you, this will hurt a lot as it goes ripping through your body.  And even more, when they have to pull it out!

But if that doesn't scare you off, and you still want to date this girl, please treat her kindly and with respect.  She may seem all cool and indifferent on the outside.

But deep down, she's a big 'ol jelly of girly mushy feelings.

And we hate to see her cry.  Ever.  And if you make her cry.

Well, God help you.

Seriously.... Thoughts?


  1. I loved this one, and all the pictures just spoke volumes! Lol! Please people out there for your OWN saftey, please don't date GG, or at the very least treat her like the princess that she is! Lol!

  2. I vote for treat her like a princess.. if you can put up with her annoying-ness that is. :) I do have an evil-stepmom rep to protect after all!

  3. I vote for not dating her. Uncle Bear doesn't like boys around his girls.