Thursday, September 30, 2010

LA Kids Consignment Sale

I spent an hour and a half at the LA Kids Consignment Sale, and MAN do they have tons and tons of stuff.

I didn't take any of the photos of the event,  the consignment sale did.
Just racks and racks of clothes as far as the eye could see. 

Isles of toys & books,

and seas of high-chairs,

swings and bouncers,

 strollers and strollers and strollers,

 And rocking.. everything!!

 I went into this thinking I was only going to spend $40-$50.  When I actually sat down and figured out what I was going to need to buy to fill in The Tweedles wardrobes, I realized that I was being unrealistic in my estimates.   Given that some items were as high as $8 and as low as $2, that averaged about $4.50/item for this outing. And considering the awesome stuff I brought home, it was a steal at $4.50/item!

I took all of these pictures, but I apparently can't photo apparel. And my living room is NOT the best lighting for anything.  Sorry!
The best deal by FAR was this real leather jacket I got for Bug.  It's a size too big, but he looks so stinkin' cute in it!  And did I mention it was REAL LEATHER?  Yeah! I know!  I got this handy jacket for ... are you sitting down?  I got it for $6.50.  That is not a typo.  Six dollars and fifty cents.  It's awesome.

I also got Bug 5 long sleeve shirts (including that cute one that says "What happens at Grandma's STAYS at Grandma's".  And three turtlenecks.  The color is a little off on these.  The first is a brown one with trucks on it, and the last one is black with aliens, spaceships and planets on it.  Too cute!

I also got three dress shirts for church.  A black one with red chinese dragons that Bug just LOVES.  A long sleeve button up dress shirt that's light blue.  And finally, that green sweater-esque long sleeve polo. 

And finally I got him three pairs of pants.  Now, they're all size 3T, but only the middle pair actually fits right.  The tan pair is too small, and the Elmo pair is too big.  Next time, I'm going to measure Bug's waist and bring that measuring tape with me just to be sure, since you just can't trust kids' sizes.  You just can't.

This was my favorite outfit I got for Bunny.  It's a pink princess giraffe dress, with matching pink giraffe tights.  OMG!  I saw these and died.  Then I snatched them up and put them in the very bottom of my bag so no one would be tempted to steal them from me.  I love this dress. Bunny did a happy dance and I got a huge hug.  Not too shabby for $5.00.  Five dollars!

She also got this cozy winter jacket with butterflies on one side.

She got three winter jammie sets.  One pink feetie one.  One red plaid night gown and one cheatah two piece.  She is in LOVE.

I saw this tinkerbell long sleeve shirt and knew she would love it.  But the other shirt (which is really a bright pink, not red like it appears in this photo) called out to me.  And the shirt had jeans attached.  And I said, "Look shirt, you're adorable, and Bunny would love you, but you're a size 6.  The jeans won't even fit her."  And the shirt said "Yeah, but I'm only $6.00 for both me and the jeans, and besides, you're not buying toys, so really, what's an extra $6.00?".  And so that's how they ended up in my bag.  True story.

I also got Bunny this purple (darker than shown) long sleeve dress and this very beautiful black velvet top, mesh, satin and tool bottomed dress for Christmas.  I mean to say the velvet dress if for Christmas.  The other dress is just for her to wear, because she loves dresses.  And I don't mean to discriminate, but the purple dress on the left just isn't Christmas dress material.  Just keeping it real people.

Remember those toys that that pink top said I wasn't going to buy?  Well, somehow I ended up over in the toy area.  Honestly, I have no idea how it happened.  I think I might have been drugged.  Dirty bastards.  Anyway, before I knew it, all these toys were in my bag.  The grey curly thing in the upper right is a collapsible car track.  Perfect for small homes, so we can just collapse it and it takes up less space. Two dinosaurs to the left of that, Pretty Pretty Princess game (the Disney Princess version), a dress up set with a hair comb, a crown, a ring and a skirt.  Four DVD's (one Barbie, two land before time, and the second Lion King movie).  The movies are for our trip to the farm this Christmas.  These will hopefully keep the kids entertained.  A HUGE My Little Pony doll, a baggie of racing cars to go with the track, and finally, a fireman hat to go with Bug's fireman boots and fireman jacket that he already owns.  Everything here but the dvd's will be birthday presents.  Lets see if I can keep them hidden from The Tweedles that long!

All in all, an amazing haul! <-- Look I rhymed!

Seriously.. Thoughts?

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