Thursday, September 2, 2010

Remember This Girl?

Do you remember this girl?

She'll be home from visiting her mom in 2 days.  There's been a countdown going on at our house.  Every few days, The Hubs will glance over at me, after we've put The Tweedles to bed, and announce without any preamble, "5 more days".  I can tell he's excited, can you? 

Bunny is in a bit of a twitter about it herself.  She announced about a week ago, that Glamour Girl needed to "come home right now because I miss her and she's not allowed to leave again ever!"  Seven weeks without her sister is apparently a bit too long.

Bug is a bit more calm about missing his sister.  He just says "I miss her" and leaves it at that.

I, of course, am torn.  On the one hand, I have an evil step-mom rep to protect.  I mean, can I really be an evil step-mom and admit openly to the whole internet that I miss my girl?  Probably not.  At the same time, I'm not sure it's fair to have to hide my feelings.  So instead, I'll go on and on about her arrival home makes her the harbinger of school, and after school events.  How, her being home is the sign for driving her all over everywhere to this event and that, not to mention school.  That there will be one more person in my house I'll have to clean up after.  That music will be played a little too loud.  And that any moment squeals of teenager laughter or the throws of teenage tears can and will appear.  That now, I'll actually have to make full meals instead of just giving The Tweedles mac and cheese and calling it a night.

Yeah, lets focus on all of that, and take no notice of the gleeful little smile I have hidden away knowing that my girl will be home in less than 48 hours. 

Seriously.. Thoughts?

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