Friday, October 19, 2012

Children's Book Display

I want to encourage Bug and Bunny to read more.  I enjoy books so much and I want them to have the same love for new worlds, beloved characters and adventures too.  In that vain, we have tons of little kid books for their respective age groups.  Unfortunately, they're all crammed into a bookcase in their play space and with little kid books, it's hard for them to see what's there and pick out books they really like without pulling them all out.  We read books daily as part of our homework routine but when they go pick out books, they end up getting the same books every time.  And those are always the ones they didn't put back the last time.  And we have so many great books it's disappointing.

If you remember back in this post about making-over the Tweedles bedroom, we plan to make their room a bit more gender neutral as well as more fun for both of them. It's a good plan, and I think we'll try to make that happen over winter break.
Since we got them bunk beds over the summer, I have an entire wall in their room that's empty.  I've been thinking about adding new book display shelves like this one.

I'm hoping if they can see the covers of their books, they might be more likely to pick out different books and learn to like reading more.  And while I admit we have way more books than will fit on a shelving system like this on the one wall I have available to me, we could swap books out every few months and at least they'd get a better sorting than the same handful over and over.

Seriously.. Thoughts?

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