Monday, October 8, 2012

Clothes and Torture

Yesterday was a whirlwind of activity starting at 7 AM and not ending until after 9.  It started with The Hubs'  least favorite pass time.  I took him clothes shopping.  With this new job, he needs to dress the part and even if it's only temporary, at least he'll have made the best impression he can for future employment, and he'll have the wardrobe for the next job as needed.  We got him all sorts of what I term, "grown-up" clothes - button down long sleeve shirts and slacks.  While he was trying all this stuff on, I couldn't help but think two things.

1. My Hubs is HOT in grown-up clothes.  It always catches me by surprise because traditionally he's a jeans and polo kind of guy. Not that he can't be hot in jeans and polos, but it's a whole new kind of hot when a guy is dressed up.  And quite frankly, with this past few years being the way they are, we've had neither the funds nor the opportunity for either of us to dress up.

2. It reminded me of the first time we ever saw our friend Tamlin's closet.  We met Tamlin through our SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) group.   Since that's where we spend most of our time dressed up in period clothing

finding out his closet was filled with suits, ties and dress shoes was a bit of a shock.  We'd known him for quite some time, but only at SCA events.  Finding out he was a grown-up in his real life?  Well, let's just say, "grown-up" isn't a word we'd typically apply to our Tamlin.  But as a lawyer, I guess you can't go to work in a kilt and wife beater - tends not to send the right message.  And it just goes to show, clothes really do make the man.  And man, The Hubs is looking very much the man these days.

Then we cleaned out our closet because quite frankly, there's no way any more clothes were going to fit into our closet.  A half hour later and we suddenly had more hangers than we knew what to do with and half of my wardrobe was gone - either because it didn't fit or was just too old and warn.  I even finally let go of a dress I've had since high school!  The Hubs didn't do too shabby weeding out his own wardrobe either.  He even let me veto a few incredibly ugly shirts he's had for as long as I've known him and some ties that quite frankly, the 70s wanted back.  When we were done, we had a giant black bag full of clothes for donation, and another bag full of clothes that were either stained or had holes - mostly DH clothes - headed for the trash.  We even went through his shoes at the bottom of his closet and now he's whittled it down to one pair of sneakers, one pair of dress shoes and flip flops.   This is impressive considering the number of shoes we pulled out of there.  I swear, every pair of shoes he's owned since I've known him was still in there.

We ran lots of errands (most of which was to get me ready for my Girl Scout presentation today on hiking) and it all culminated in the Girl Scout Pumpkin Patch.  We took Bug and Bunny and they played all sorts of games, won all sorts of prizes and generally ran around like crazy kids along with all the other kids who were there.  Bunny's highlight?  She got her hair colored - one pink stripe, one purple stripe.  And she got her face painted with a unicorn.  My highlight?

Watching her "bob" for an apple - and photographing it to torture her with it when she's a teenager.

Seriously.. Thoughts?

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