Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Everybody Was Kung-Fu Fighting

A few weeks ago, I signed both of the kids up for Karate classes via the parks and rec.  They don't call it Karate classes actually, they call it self-defense classes and the teacher, Sensei John, not only teaches them karate moves, but he also talks with them about safety.  Safety about what they're learning.  Safety about strangers.  Safety about wearing your seat belt.  He's a well rounded guy that Sensei John.  And the kids? They love him.

I've wanted to get Bug and Bunny into a martial arts class for a while now.  I understand that it's really good on helping get kids to focus.  It gives them a lot of self confidence and works on their gross motor skills.  They get to yell a lot and pretend that they're kung-fu fighting..and they're fast as lightening..

And who doesn't love the wardrobe?  We just picked up their uniforms tonight, but they were so excited to come home and try them on.  But umm.. do you need some sort of special degree to figure out how to tie these belts?  Or am I just being particularly blonde?  Never mind, it's probably me.

I chose the Parks and Rec classes for a few reasons.  The biggest being financial.  At $6/class, you really just can't go wrong.  Honestly.  Many of the other places we looked into seemed really wonderful, but they wanted up to a 6 month commitment and they wanted the money up front.  They also had classes 2-4 times a week.  For two kids that was going to be a huge chunk of change, but also, how could I commit that much of their time and my money, when they'd never even taken a class. What if they hated it?  What if they refused to go?  What if *I* hated it?  So, Parks and Rec saved the day offering a once a week class for a reasonable price.  

These images are terrible - the lighting was awful, and I was afraid my flash would be too distracting, but I do like how this action shot came out.  They were practicing their side kids.  They don't look like side kicks, I know.  But that's what they were suppose to be.

And Sensei John doesn't take any BS.  If you're not listening, if you're wiggling around, if you're not looking at him, it's push-ups for you man.  I'm not sure Bunny could get her butt any higher in the air, but in all fairness, I'm pretty sure she doesn't have any arm muscles to speak of.. yet.

Sensei John keeps the littler kids up front and center in front of him, which is great for him, probably great for them, but crappy for getting a photo of Bug.  Thankfully, I caught this beauty of an action shot showing Sensei John as he laid out the no talking rule for Bug... again.  When he's speaking, there is NO TALKING.  He's whipping the kids right into shape.  I wonder if he makes house calls.

Seriously.. Thoughts?

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