Thursday, October 4, 2012

Here Comes The Sun

Did you know that the first day of Fall this year was September 22?  As we move further and further into the season and closer to winter, I am always surprised and a bit dismayed that I am now forced to get up in the dark.  There is nothing I hate more.  When I lived in Idaho and Washington, I was convinced I had Seasonal Affect Disorder.  The constant darkness and the subsequent depression that went with it was pretty miserable.  Here in sunny so-cal there's plenty of sunshine to go around, if you just wait a little longer in the day.  But in the mornings?  Yeah man, getting up the in dark just stinks.

So, I'm seriously thinking of getting myself a Philips Wake-up Light.

 The premise is simple.  At your chosen wake-up time it starts to gradually get brighter and brighter mimicking the rising sun.  Your body doesn't know the difference and what a much better way to wake up than startled by my alarm in the pitch black.  They even tested it to see if they could convince a rooster to crow well before the sun came up.  The video is pretty entertaining!

Seriously.. Thoughts?

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