Thursday, October 18, 2012

Favorite Hubs Story

One of my favorite all time Hubs stories takes place 6 months into our marriage.  I was at work doing that whole work thing when I got called to the reception desk for a delivery.  There waiting on the desk was a huge bouquet of flowers.  I gathered it up and took it back to my desk before reading the card and blushing as the guys I worked with all gave me a hard time.  The card wished me a happy 6 month anniversary and was of course, from The Hubs.

I love this story because I hadn't even been thinking about it being our 6 month wedding anniversary, but apparently he had.  Which made me feel loved and made my toes curl.  I like telling everyone how he's the girl of our relationship because he remembered and I didn't.  He's not of course, but it was so awesome knowing I was married to a guy who would think enough about me and us to send me flowers on our 6 month anniversary.  And I'm definitely the girl since I still have the card, which is saying something considering how anti-packrat I am.

I think he hates this story.  I think he thinks it makes him look whipped, or un-mans him or whatever.  But he's never asked me not to tell it and always smiles indulgently when I do.  I wonder if he knows how much those flowers meant to me?  Maybe he doesn't hate that story after all.

Seriously.. Thoughts?

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