Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend Adventures 101

Saturday: 6:30 AM
Get up at 6:30 to make a 7:50 early morning Girl Scout Hike with Bunny's troop and a few younger siblings along.  Get to know the kids better.  Get to know the parents (and one grandparent) better.  Love that everyone seems to be having fun.

Hike 3/4 of a mile in to an amazing waterfall.  Have a snack and play with the water before heading back.

Saturday 10AM - 3PM
Clean the house.  No adventures here people, move along. Move along.

Saturday 3PM - 9PM
Head down to the California Science Center by train to get early seats to welcome the Space Shuttle Endeavor to its new home.  Get picture taken in front of the dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum near the viewing area for the shuttle.

Have a picnic style dinner on the blacktop conveniently located near a trash can.

Hang with your old man and wicked step-mother.

Make sure Mimi has a comfy camp chair so she's not sitting on the blacktop.

Get your very own space Shuttle Shirt.

Then rock out on your air guitar.

Run around with your blankie pretending to be a super hero of some sort.

Make friends with the volunteer staff (That's Benjamin and Jonathan) so you can get updates on where the heck the shuttle is now that it's almost 8:30 and it's no where in sight.

Find out it's now not scheduled to arrive until 1AM.  Look at your two very tired Tweedles, an exhausted husband and call it a night with promises to see it when the exhibit opens.  Then head back to the trains.

Get documentation of how dirty you got on that blacktop.

LW and her friend Emily have a term for this.  It's called "Black Paw".

And the term should perhaps be extended to their faces too.  Go home slightly disappointed thinking about how you're going to title your blog post "The Unadventure" and sleep until 7AM.

Sunday 7AM

Be woken abruptly by your husband slamming open your bedroom door with the announcement of "I'm just going to throw it out there." immediately followed by an update that the Shuttle is now scheduled to arrive at 9:30 AM.

Rush to dress yourself, two kids and call LW to meet you so you can all (Minus Mimi who had to sing in choir) rush back down by train to the California Science Center to again welcome the space shuttle to its new home.  Arrive by 9AM then wait almost 2 hours before seeing this.

Look closely.  It's there.  I openly admit that LW and I hugged and did a little sob or two at the sight.  Powerful, emotional, amazing.   And then it was followed by this.

And this.

Then wait almost another 2 hours while they try to maneuver this beast around a corner and bob and weave through light posts and trees on either side.

Get your, by now good buddies Jonathan and Benjamin,

to take this photo from the street for you.  (THANK YOU GUYS!! You helped make the time go by faster and kept us all smiling!)

Have your brain completely blown by how surreal the shuttle looks going down a regular city street.

Be proud of how patient The Tweedles have been even though they've been waiting for so long with little to do in almost 90 degree weather with no shade.

Be thrilled by how excited they are to see the shuttle.  Then try to keep the crowd back as you try to get the perfect shot of The Tweedles..

The Hubs & LW

and history.

The shuttle finally arrived around 1pm.  Only 16.5 hours late.

Completely Worth it.

Seriously.. Thoughts?

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