Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dirty Only A Mother Could Love

My side yard, where the kids spend most of their outside play time, is a bit lacking in landscaping.  Okay, it's lacking grass.  In fact, it's almost all dirt.  Okay okay!  It's all dirt.  Geez, are you happy now?  We're working on it.  Right after the back yard.  Stop buggin' me!

However, it's where we have for the kids to play.  Most afternoons, we send the kids out to play so we can get dinner ready.  The up side of this is The Hubs and I have some marginal peace and quiet.  They are just outside the window, so it's not like we can't see their evil funny antics and hear them whining playing.  The downside, is that they get dirty.  Really, really, really dirty.  In fact, and don't laugh now, they like to make dirt angels.  I wish I were kidding.

This may be why I have such huge mounds of laundry every week.  Hmmm, things to consider.

Anyway, when dinner is finally ready, we call them in with specific instructions to wash their hands and faces.  Hands they are both really good at.  Faces?  Will has trouble with faces.

Please note the clean line right under his nose.  He got his upper lip clean in his attempts to wash his face.  But also note that it doesn't extend to his lower lip or any of the rest of his face. Just his upper lip.  And check out the look he's giving me.  Watchulookin'atWillis?  Uh huh.  That's my boy.

Still, if it's a dirty face only a mother could love, I'm awfully glad I get to be his mom.

Seriously.. Thoughts?

PS.  I used the auto setting.  Will I ever let go of my training wheels??

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