Sunday, August 8, 2010

Preciousness Blooms

Looks like Brian wins again!  This isn't rigged I swear!  The Hubs picked the winner this time, and he didn't see who wrote what.  I just read them off to him. 

So I'll be shipping off your Apothia Plush Hand & Body Wash here in a few days.  You're house is going to be down right LA Chic if you keep this up!

I promise the next prize will be a gift certificate to a store other than Apothia!  Maybe Starbucks. MMMMM.
Keep playing!  And thanks so much to everyone who participated!

Seriously.. Thoughts?

PS.  I signed up to add ads to my blog.  If you guys see anything that even remotely interests you, please click.  The more clicks I get, the more money I have for better prizes.  Think Amazon, think electronics, think camera lens coffee cups and love and joy and peace on earth.  Or, think of all the things you could buy with bigger prize money!

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