Sunday, August 29, 2010

Must Have

If you have never tried the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, you are seriously missing out on a house cleaning wonder power house!  And I don't mean that lightly.  We've used the regular Mr. Clean Magic Eraser in the kitchen with great results.  Today I used this on our 60 year old clawfoot tub:

This tub, let me tell you, has been through a lot in 60 years.  That's a lot of baths and showers it's seen.  And it was looking pretty awful.  Nothing I tried would get it even remotely back to white.  Nothing until this.  I wish I had taken before and after photos, it was that dramatic.  So just take my word on this one.  You want this in your life. If it can clean up 60 years of yuck, imagine what it can do for your tub!

Seriously.. Thoughts
(ps. This is not a paid advertisement.  Mr. Clean despite his cute bald head, has no idea who I am and the company itself has no interest in my little blog.  I just really love this thing, and thought I would share.)

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