Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New Obsessions

Hey now!  Don't let the title scare you.  I have no intention of giving up my blogging.  Or my photography.  Or Armenian food.  Or Austin (I love you Austin!).  The title shouldn't imply that I'm giving up any of my obsessions, just that I'm acquiring a new one.  I know, I know.  Deep breaths.  Sorry to upset you like that.  But hang on to your hats my lovelies, you are going to just love this!

Please let me introduce you to Marissa.  She's cute and sassy, and was laid off (thankfully, in her words) in November 2009, and needed something to keep her creative juices flowing.  And being just recently laid off, and having just watched Julie & Julia (great movie btw, go rent it.  I have spoken), she decided to spend an entire year without spending a single moment on traditional shopping.  She would hunt through thrift stores and flea markets to find a new outfit or item to add to her wardrobe.  And she would limit her purchases to $1/day.  And thanks to her trusty sewing machine and an incredible creative eye, she's managed to create some pretty incredible outfits.  Here's one of my favorites before:

And After:

The best part? She is choosing to blog about it, so we can all share in her creative journey.  Now, I have to admit here that I haven't actually read her blog.  Being such a visual person, I've just looked at the pictures.  And really, they're enough to tell the story.

Thankfully, (or not?) my sewing machine has been abducted and won't likely ever get returned, so I can't run myself down to the nearest thrift store and start creating my own outfit master pieces.  Well, that and the fact I can't really sew worth a hoot.  But it's something I'd dream of doing.  I just love what she pulls together.  I only wish I was that talented!  So, if you have an hour or three, go check out her blog New Dress A Day.  So worth the time!

Seriously... Thoughts?

ps. I do not know Marissa personally, and she doesn't know me.  This is just something I thought might interest some of you, in a public service announcement sort of way.  Plus, sharing obsessions counts as my good deed for the day!

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