Tuesday, August 31, 2010

So Much To Do.. So Little Time!

Bunny is now officially old enough and thankfully potty trained enough for sports.  We (okay me, I really have no idea what The Hubs' take on all this is, other than he knows I'm obsessing) want to involve her in so many things.  Everything sounds so good and fun!  My problem? What to choose.

Soccer was my initial thought.  Running. Kicking. Who wouldn't want that?   Soccer around here is big, huge, gigantic.  Even the moms at Bunny's last play date were talking about it.  It's almost "too big" if you get what I mean.  So now I'm waffleing.

If not Soccer, though, what will I put her in?  The choices seem practically endless.  Should I try to put her in dance class? Or Gymnastics?  Reality check here people, I probably can't afford either.  What about basketball? Baseball?  The teams sports have that whole working together aspect.  Learning to get along and work towards the same goal.  That's good right? 

Then again, she's only 4, I'm not sure how much "team building" she can really get in her little mind right now.  Maybe I should focus more on building up her self esteem, and independence.  Really focus on things like her coordination.  Maybe tennis?  Yoga?

I understand Karate is good for kids to learn disicipline and they can keep doing that pretty much for the rest of their lives if they want.  There's also a certain comfort knowing she's learning how to protect herself for when she gets older.  Of course, she's going to want to try out all those cool moves on her brother, the furniture, and the dog.  So maybe not.

What about swimming? Ohh, I've always wanted a kid who was on the dive team!  But then, do I really want to live out my childhood dreams through my daughter?  And I'm afraid of heights, maybe she is too!  What kind of mom would that make me?

So I'm asking you guys.  What should Bunny's first sport be?  She doesn't seem to have a preference.  She seems to want to do everything, and as I may have mentioned before, we're not millionaires, so I want to try to find something that she'll stick with for a while, and that will keep her challenged and interested. 

Seriously.. Thoughts?

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  1. Soccer was the activity of choice for my sister and me both. Or if she does dance, there's a great company in Monrovia that I volunteer for often. They're all the sweetest people in the world and have amazing shows. Every kid is different though, so it's hard to say what will be best for her. It's just trial and error, I guess. Best of luck!