Saturday, August 7, 2010

It's Official!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's OFFICIAL!

After completing our first royal round, I am a Bowman and The Hubs is a Yeoman in the SCA.

If you can't remember back to my post about scoring, this is how we're ranked:

0 - 24 Novice
25 - 44 Bowman
45 - 64 Yeoman
65 - 84 Forester
85 - 104 Bowmaster
105+ Royal Bowmaster

For a more detailed explanation see this post about a Royal Round.

The Hubs finished with a 55 putting him smack in the middle of the Yeoman and my final score of 33 puts me pretty much in the middle of Bowman.  In my defense, The Hubs was trained by the United States Marines as an Expert Rifleman.  My training, such as it was, was 9th grade archery class in high school for part of a semester.  I doubt they compare.

I do want to say that I've finally figured out why my aim was so far to the right.  Literally, I would be aiming several feet to the right of the target.  Now it's like starting to learn all over again, now that I've fixed this rather major flaw in my shooting.  I think this is what archery is going to be like for a while.  Figuring out technique as I go, and trying to get the best scores I can.  At least at last night's practice I managed to keep most of the arrows on the hay bale instead of a few feet behind or in front of it. So that's progress!

Seriously.. Thoughts?

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