Monday, August 30, 2010

Making Things Grow

Yesterday, I bought a few things to plant in planters for the almost completed deck space.  With some wonderful potting soil, and my own two hands, I planted these wonderful flowers.  We'll see if I manage to keep them alive.  I'm terrible when it comes to remembering to water! 

If you're interested in the photography part of this, please note, the camera settings for each image is below the photo and these are SOOC (Straight Out Of the Camera - no photoshop-ing).  I'm kinda getting the hang of it 

If you're not interested in the photography part, just ignore all the photography bits and enjoy the flowers!

New Guinea Impatients
This was in a semi-shaded spot.  Shutter speed 1/30, f7.1 and ISO 100. 
With this one, I wish I would have brightened it up a bit.  This seems a bit more gloomy and grey than it appeared in real life.

Shutter speed 1/25, f1.7 and ISO 100.
More New Guinea Impatients

Shutter speed 1/160, f7.1 and ISO 100

In this much sunnier spot, I sped up the shutter speed and left everything else the same.  this is almost how it looked in real life.

Shutter speed 1/40, f7.1 and ISO 100

I got two different kinds of Tropicanas.  I love the colors on the leaves.  The flowers (which aren't blooming just yet) are beautiful, big orange flowers.

Still pretty sunny. Shutter speed 1/40, f7.1 and ISO 100
Here's a close-up of the flower buds that haven't bloomed yet. They look weird and slightly alien. I love it!

Shutter speed 1/30, f7.1 and ISO 100

This last set is a mix of more New Guinea Impatients and Yellow Wallflowers.  I love the mix of the purple and yellow!  The image appears pretty dark, but in reality, it's pretty close to how it looked in real life.

Super shady area.  Shutter speed 1/8, f7.1 and ISO 100
Close-up of the Impatient

Shutter speed 1/5, f14 and ISO 100
I really was just playing around with these two close-ups trying to brighten them up enough to see.  I have no idea what I'm doing, but maybe if I keep playing, something will eventually click into place (Get it? Click into place? ahahahaha!)

Shutter speed 1/25, f5.6 and ISO 100
I'll be posting pics of the final out come of the new deck soon.  As soon as the last minute items and clean-up are finished.  Can't wait to show it off!

Seriously... Thoughts?

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