Tuesday, July 20, 2010

City Mouse.. Country Mouse

I always liked this book when  I was little.  I'm not sure why.  Maybe because for most of the year, we lived in college towns that boomed with kids during the school year, and in the summer, my parents sent me to my grandparent's farm in po-dunk no-where East Texas.  I could easily relate to both mice.  Or maybe, it was a foreshadowing my life to come.

See, I have my very own City Mouse
Who loves shopping and dressing up.  Who loves to go out to eat at fancy restaurants and orders the most expensive dish on the menu even if she's never tried it.  Especially if she's never tried it.  My City Mouse likes to move and shake to fashion trends, and likes to start her own trends.  She likes expensive cars and expensive clothes.  She loves glitz and glam and all things posh.  She loves jewelry and The Theater.  She loves shoes.  Man does my City Mouse love shoes.

And then there's my Country Mouse:

Who loves big open spaces and small groups over big crowds.  She's practical and down to earth.  She adores animals and enjoys a good tussle.  She could care less about fashion trends, make-up or dressing up.  She's the kind of gal that jumps out of the shower, throws on her comfy jeans and a tee shirt and pushes her hair out of her face with her sunglasses.  My Country Mouse loves country music and Disney Movies.  And she would prefer hanging out at home with her friends over going out clubbing any day of the week.  My Country Mouse enjoys playing sports and doesn't mind getting sweaty if it wins the game.

And I love them both, my City Mouse and my Country Mouse.

And that's why we should move to Austin.

Austin is the Live Music Capitol of the world and features venues with the latest and greatest of pop artist and icons as well as country and jazz.

Austin's ethnic diversity has lead to the best restaurants of all kinds from Middle East, Indian and Thai to down home BBQ.

Austin has wineries for my City Mouse (when she is eventually old enough to drink) and Breweries for my Country Mouse.

Austin has the ballet, the symphony and the opera and the South by SouthWest festival that is bound to have something for everyone.

Austin has Museums, Galleries, and Gardens for cultural exploration and parks, hills, trails, pools horse riding and Frisbee Golf.

Austin is the prefect meld of the country life and the city life.  One of the few places on this earth where my Country Mouse and City Mouse could both find happiness and satisfaction.  A place for them both to fit in.

Ahh Austin, you bring worlds together.  Is there anything you can't do my love? Anything?


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  1. Silly girl. The perfect place for both of your mice is . . . . Disneyland!