Monday, July 5, 2010

When You're Two..

When you're two, life is full of scary things.  In fact, your bedroom - which is suppose to be a sanctuary filled with cuddly stuffed animals, fuzzy blankets and your trusty binky - can often turn on you without a moments notice.  Because when you're two, your world is filled with scary monsters and dinosaurs.

Such was the case Sunday morning for my Bug.  I was immediately greeted that morning with the eager, and sweet face of my angelic two year old insisting "Mommy.. I havetotellyousomething"  No, that's not a typo, that's really how he talks - in one long word.  I smiled sweetly down into my little boys loving face ready to hear what interesting tid-bit my Bug would impart.  "A monster came in my room last night and killed me."  Now.. keep in mind he said this with all the seriousness and solemness a 2 year old can muster.  You just can't laugh in a little Bug's face.  It could devastate his little emerging psyche and cause him years of future therapy where he will blame all of his problems on you - his loving mother.  So I told him the only thing I could.  "Monsters aren't allowed in your room, so that couldn't have possibly happened."

He paused for a moment to think on that one.  Then turned and said "A dinosaur came into my room last night and killed me."  *sigh* darn his little two year old logic.

Apparently, this trend carried itself into our evening out last night to celebrate the 4th of July.  My Bug had a joyful evening filling his belly with ritz crackers and cheese, watermelon, grapes and tomatoes. 

Here he is with that don't mess with my fruit face.  I think he thinks I'm going to try to steal a grape at any minute.

Here he is stuffing his face with grapes.  One at a time Bug!  One at a time!

He also got generous spoonfuls of his Nanny's frozen yogurt.

He made that awful face every time, but he still came back for more.  That's persistence!

And because I didn't think he'd had enough, he also got his on child-sized America Birthday cake ice cream scoop from Baskin Robbins.

He also flirted with two cute little twin girls who were 3 1/2.  My boy loves older women.  He danced to the music, ran around in circles and generously shared all the fruit that wasn't grapes or watermelon, with everyone who was there with us.  To say he had a great evening would be an understatement.

Until (and you saw this coming right?).  Until they turned the lights out and started the music up for the fireworks.  The Bug insisted on clinging tightly to me while we sung the Star Spangled Banner and refused to put his hand over his heart - unpatriotic bugger.  When we sat down, knowing what was coming next, I grabbed his binky and his blanket and settled him into my lap.  Now when I say settled him in, I mean I tried to get as comfortable as I could with Mr. Death Grip clinging to me as tightly as his little arms could.  Then the fireworks started and so did the pitiful mewling coming from my little Bug.

In my best mommy form, I tried to keep it light exclaiming over "How pretty" the fireworks were and "Wow, isn't that beautiful" and "Look at the greens and purples honey".  I tried to turn him around so he could get a better view of the fireworks instead of just looking at my chest, but the best I got was turning him sideways with both arms still around me in his Death Grip. A few minutes into it I tried again to convince him the fireworks were fun and beautiful when he said "No Mommy, they're monsters coming to get us!"  And what was I to say to that?

I could see how this might look like Monsters coming over the trees to get ya.. If I was two.  Maybe.

Eventually he did kinda come around.  Before the end, he did repeat back to me how "beautiful" they were, but he didn't sound convinced and I think he was more than a little relieved when the whole show was over and the lights came back up.  In fact, he looked me dead in the eyes and asked "Can we go home now." to which I responded with a little kiss on his cutie little forehead, "Yes Baby." 


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