Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Goodbye GG.. Goodbye!

This girl, is leaving us tomorrow.  She'll be boarding a plane and flying off to Alabama where she'll spend the next 7 weeks with her mom.  This is always such a bitter sweet time here in our house.  On the one hand, she's getting to see her mom, step-father and little sister,  who she doesn't see very often, so she's filled with all sorts of excitement, anticipation and yes, glee.  Pure glee.  (I feel the same when I know I'm going to see my old people.) Plus, I find her super annoying, so having her gone for 7 weeks is typically pure relief and joy and glee on my part too.

On the other hand, as luck would have it, GG is leaving before Bunny's Flower Girl Debut.  Which means I will have to do her hair.  And I don't do hair.  Which means Bunny will have horrible hair in her beautiful, purple, twirly, flower girl dress.  It will ruin the whole flower girl effect.  And she'll have dumb hair in all the wedding photos. And everyone in attendance will shake their heads and quietly say "poor little dear" to each other.  And they'll know I'm her mom.  And then they'll shake their heads at me for not being a better parent.  And that's all anyone will remember from an otherwise beautiful ceremony, which will ruin the whole day for the bride.  And it will be all GG's fault.  I'm blaming her.  I am.  You can't stop me.  She should have made better travel plans.

There's also The Hubs, who misses his girl while she's away.  When she's gone, it means he has to wash the dog by himself.  It means he has to take out all the trash and pooper scoop.  It means we don't have a babysitter to leave The Tweedles with on a moments notice if we want to, you know, leave the house.  It means he won't have anyone to help him with his math homework.  It means he doesn't have anyone to watch Gossip Girl and 90210 summer reruns with.  It means he doesn't have anyone to gang up on with against me.  He'll be despondent for a few days over the whole thing before picking himself up and going forward with the rest of his summer.  But don't doubt for a second, that he'll miss her terribly the whole time she's gone.

Then there's Bunny, who at the ripe 'ol age of 4 is finally registering that her sister is going to be GONE.  She's not old enough to really get how long 7 weeks is, so it's even worse.  GG stayed the night last night with her grandmother, and Bunny had a fit.  She even tried to ground GG and tell her she wasn't allowed to sleep over any more because she wanted her home.  HOME! To be with Bunny.  Where she belongs.  It's going to be a long 7 weeks I think.  GG will be lucky if she doesn't move into her room while she's gone just to teach her a lesson about going away.  I might help.  I'm evil that way.

Oh, and don't even get me started on the dog who will pace all night from one end of the house where her bedroom is, to the other for the next 7 weeks, because his girl is not where she is suppose to be.  Or the cats, who pretty much hide in her room from The Tweedles, who now, won't have anywhere to hide.  Oh, they're likely to never forgive her.  Or, at least make her suffer a bit when she gets back.  I like the suffering part.  But pacing dogs and the endless late night meowing of kitties is not how I would choose to spend the next 7 weeks.

Bitter sweet, there's no other word for it.  But 7 weeks? It should go by fast, right?  I mean, it's only 49 days.  Only 1176 hours.  70,560 minutes. 4,233,600 seconds. She'll be back in no time.  Right?  Anyone?

But I won't start counting down until tomorrow.  She has plenty of time to annoy me until then. 

Seriously.. Thoughts?

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