Saturday, July 3, 2010

Men Are From Mars.. 2

Coincidentally to my last post, The Hubs and I had a miscommunication this morning and he once again made me cry. Here's how the story went.

He got up annoyingly early this morning to go for his Saturday morning 3 mile run.  I slept.  When he got home, he was all sweaty and gross so he took a shower and I reminded him we had to go to Costco this morning early because I had to be back at 11 to go Flower Girl Dress Shopping with Bunny (another post for another day, but darn she looks so darn adorable in her dress!).  He had his shower, I got the Tweedles (Bug & Bunny) dressed for today and asked him to get them breakfast while I took a quick shower.

Once I've exited the shower, I realize that The Hubs had given the Tweedles waffles.  Wiith syrup.   For breakfast, which they are still eating.  Not the to-go meal I was hoping for since we really had to go to Costco early this morning so I could be back by 11 to go Flower Girl Dress Shopping with Bunny (super duper cute in her dress).

While I waited oh-so patiently.. what? Yes I did!  No.. I did!  Look, you weren't there, stop interrupting.
As I was saying, while I was waiting oh-so patiently, The Hubs and I discussed a few things, among which was trying to schedule some archery practice for Monday.  The time suggested wouldn't work for me because I have to work on Monday.  Yes, it's a holiday, at least when the holiday is observed. And no, I don't get the day off.  That conversation immediately turned to me announcing we really had to go, since we had to get to Costco early so I could be back by 11 to go Flower Girl Dress Shopping with Bunny. (The dress is purple and poofy at the bottom, thanks for asking!).

While we were rushing the kids out the door and into the car, I noticed The Hubs was acting a might grumpy and even a little snippy.  Ultimately, we choose to text the Bride and her fiance to let them know, we were so late leaving, that we wouldn't be back until 11:30 to go Flower Girl Dress Shopping with Bunny (and it's twirly..she loves how twirly it is).  There was some back and forth snippy and grumpiness while we attempted to get this accomplished since the Bride is his cousin and I didn't have her number, but he didn't have his phone which resulted in us returning to the house mere seconds after leaving so we could keep everyone in the loop about our plans. Which made him even more grumpy and snippy.

Once we were finally on our way, The Hubs is driving and trying to look at something on his phone (don't start, we weren't even going over 5 miles an hour on our suburb street!).  He says "I'm sorry I'm so grumpy."  He pauses here.  I'm with him at this point. He should be sorry for being so grumpy.  Then he continues it with "I'm really just tired of your company."

Wait.. what?  You're tired of my company?  I will admit that over the last few months, I've been a little stressed out.  But I have been making a concerted effort to be more cheerful.  More happy.  More fun!  And because one morning I insist that we move things along so I can accomplish both a trip to Costco and going Flower Girl Dress Shopping with Bunny (so cute!) you're suddenly tired of my company?  Tired of my company?  I even said it "Tired of my company?".   And The Hubs reply was "Yeah."  Still distracted by his phone and still not looking at me. What?!?

Now, the thoughts that run through my head at this point move from - "Are you kidding me?!?" to "Well fine, just turn this car around if you're so tired of my company and I'll go to Costco by myself!" to "Wow." as my heart breaks into a million pieces on the floor of my Ford Explorer (my dirty floor - three bottles of water, two receipts from costco, one receipt from Vons and dried brown food of unknown origin).

The Hubs, completing whatever it is he was doing with his phone finally adds. "I'm just so tired.." pausing here to fiddle some more with his phone, "of the way they treat you."  Wait.. what?  I was expecting "tired of your attitude, tired of your scheduling, tired of your incessant list making." Followed by a lecture on how the world won't end if we're late somewhere, or something doesn't get done, or cleaned or whatever.  I want to insert here that I might be a teeny tiny bit OCD.. maybe just a little.  You know this is why I'm such a brilliant multi-tasker right? And since I know this about myself, and know that I am high strung and The Hubs is very laid back - you know that's why we work so well together - all of those thoughts were not only reasonable, but kinda valid.  Maybe.  A little bit.

So it took me a second to process what he had just said.  "What? Oh, you mean you're tired of my Company, not tired of my company in that you don't want to spend time with me?!?"  Suddenly The Hubs completely ignores his phone and turns to me in slow motion just in time to watch me burst into tears while simultaneously driving, grabbing my hand and squeezing hard while kissing it and saying "No no no, you're job! I'm tired of your job! Not you Angel!"

Men and women really just shouldn't talk to each other.  Maybe what we really need is to teach chimps to act as mediators so these sorts of things don't happen in the future.  Of course, they like to fling their poo around, so maybe not chimps.  Maybe elephants, I bet they'd work for peanuts. (hehehe, I kill myself.)

Oh.. and in case you're wondering, we got a set of really cute purple ribbon barrettes to go with the dress.  Just so you know.

Seriously.. Thoughts?


  1. OMG...I was reading this thinking "oh no, he really didn't say THAT, did he?" and he didn't! Way to go Hubs!!!!


  2. Wow. Good. Okay. World back on its axis.
    _They_ know what they mean when they speak, just like _we_ know what we mean. :)
    Love you both!

  3. It's a running joke now.. that he hates my company.