Sunday, July 11, 2010

La Brea Tar Pits

We took a trip yesterday morning to the La Brea Tar Pits, located right smack in the middle of downtown LA.  We went with a few friends who were visiting from San Diego, and all the kids.

This lovely fellow bubbled up out of the asphalt a while back.  I liked him a lot, but in true LA fashion, he really should eat more.  He's all skin and bones!

My Lone Wolf (our 21 year old daughter) somehow managed to catch The Tweedles attention on this lovely sloth.

But this was the highlight for Bug.  This animatronic Saber Tooth Tiger moved it's head a little bit and growled.  Bug was hooked.  And we had a hard time dragging him away, without him dragging us back.

Even Keira enjoyed this one.  And no, I didn't do her hair.  Our visiting friend did.

All and all we had fun.  Except for a few tantrums.

But in the end, after all that educational stuff, the Tweedles got to roll down a hill.  And that made it all worth it.

Some of us needed a bit more help than others.  Thank goodness for big sisters!

And even then we had a little trouble with the concept of how to roll down a hill.

But who needs technique when you're having this much fun?

Seriously... Thoughts?


  1. It's like the archery - sure, technique is useful and it's good to have, but really, do you shoot arrows because it's fun to have good technique, or because it's fun to feel the string shove that wooden splinter 20 yards through the air and Splat! into the paper? Yeah, the Splat! is where it's at!

  2. Yeah Splat! That pretty much sums up archery and Bug's trip down the hill!