Friday, July 9, 2010

Tivo Thoughts

This whole Blog thing has really taken over my life.  I have so much to say, and such a terrible memory.  For example, last night as I was laying in bed and just before I fell asleep, I had a great idea for a post.  I even pretty much wrote it all out in my head as I was drifting off.  And this morning?  Nothing.  I can't even remember what it was suppose to be about, much less all the cool details I remember adding to it.

So what I'm thinking is, I need a tape recorder, for my head.  I know there will be hours and hours of mindless drivel in there that will have to be waded through to reach those really gem thoughts.  But I think it would be worth it.  Ever since having kids, I can't seem to remember anything worth a darn.  Hence my prolific use of lists.  It's truly the only way I can keep track of what's suppose to be going on in this little world of mine.  Well, that and Outlook Calendar.  But if I had a tape recorder for my head, then I wouldn't have to keep lists and maybe I could even ditch the Calendar too! 

Ohhh wait!  It should work like a Tivo!  I should be able to pause when I need to really think about something I've thought up.  I should be able to rewind if I think of something that confuses me and I need to hear it again to see if it makes any more sense the second time around.  It likely won't, but the option should be there just in case.  And it definitely should have a fast forward.  Because Lord knows, most of what passes through my brain isn't worth much and no one should have to wade through all of that in real time.

Yeah.  What I really need is a Brain Tivo.  Tivo Thoughts?  Tivo Mind Edition?

I bet that post I thought up last night would have been much more entertaining than this one.  

Seriously... Thoughts?


  1. Michael MalloughJuly 9, 2010 at 10:21 PM

    Getting older I've often wanted defrag for my brain, get rid of those lost clusters, maybe even delete some memories I don't want and free up some space or just recover what I've forgoten.

  2. I knew you would understand me Mikey!