Monday, July 16, 2012

Accessorize Me!

Some girls instinctively know how to accessorize to maximize any outfit.  GG knows how whether it's jewelry or a scarf, somehow she makes it all come together into an awesome outfit.  My friend, Wendy, she knows how.  Heck, she's accessorizing even when we go camping.  Seriously, we're out in the woods and she's got necklaces, earrings and matching bracelets.  It's inspiring.  Personally? I am not that girl.

I'm the girl who wears fake diamond stud earrings (the small studs, not the huge gaudy ones) and never changes them.  I have three necklaces - that I never wear.  And the only bracelet I own is my sisters.  I do wear a watch every where I go, but I'm told this is not an accessory.  And then they laughed at me for even suggesting it was.  Accessory bullies.  It's a real problem in today's society.

I'm currently looking to make an employment change.  The job I'm hoping to get means going into LA every day.  Yes, I know, I'm giving up my cushy work-from-home job, but I'm hoping career wise, this change will be worth it.  So that means going into an office every day.  A real honest to goodness professional setting.  And I just bet my typical jeans, t-shirts and flip flops just aren't going to cut it.  I might have to wear skirts, blouses and dress shoes!  This is horrifying on so many levels and will absolutely require a new wardrobe, which I can do.  It also means accessorizing.  ACCESSORIZING.  It's worth writing in all caps because it's just that scary.  Scary like CLOWNS.

I honestly just don't know how women pull these things together.  Heck, I only traded in my back-pocket wallet for a purse about 2 years ago!  When they were passing out these special abilities in heaven, I seriously must have gotten into the wrong line, because I know diddly.  Do you know Squiddly Diddly?

So I'm putting this out to the masses.  How do you figure out what goes with what?  What's a good way to start an accessorizing collection.  How do you know when to layer and when not to?  Are there rules about this stuff?  Can anyone learn?  Is there a secret handshake? A special password?  I'm willing to learn people, but I'm going to need some help.

Seriously.. Thoughts?

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