Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sequoia National Forest - Part II - Moro Rock

We arrived in the Sequoia National Forest on Friday around 1pm.  That first day we stuck mostly near camp after setting up tents and unpacking the trucks.  This was going to be home sweet home for the next 5 days.

Some of us were a little more excited by the achievement than others.  Or maybe it was all that fresh smog-free air going to his head.  Hard to say.

The morning of day two found The Tweedles, The Hubs and I a little tired, but ready to go exploring.  So all 8 of us climbed onto the handy dandy shuttle that comes by every hour to take you to different parts of the park.  Our first stop?  Moro Rock.

What you're seeing here is the start of about a million steps that lead you up the rock to one of the most spectacular views around!  There were some beautiful views on the way up.  If you look in the upper right hand corner of this photo you'll see how tiny the people look still climbing up the stairs.  This is at the very beginning of the stair climb.  We had SO much farther to go.

This was the view a little further up.

We passed a fair number of people huffing and puffing their way up all those steps.  I wanted to give up a few times on the way. After all, I'd already seen some pretty awesome views, but people coming down would stop and smile and say "It's worth it!  You can make it!"  I would smile on the outside and nod - too out of breath to speak - and then I would curse them silently in my head for making me want to see what was at the top instead of heading back down or dying quietly where I stood.  The bastards!  But they were right.  The view was everything they said it would be.

We had lunch at the top and then headed down.  Since going down was SO MUCH EASIER than going up, I took the opportunity to snap a few shots to give you a better idea of the climb.

Walking through the rock itself made this whole experience a bit surreal.

The edges were a tiny bit scary.. it's a long way down.

The best part of the trek up Moro Rock?  Getting this shot of 3 of my kids on top of the world!

Of course, getting a kiss on top of the world came in a close second.

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