Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Farm Deer

I've been fighting a migraine for the past few days and it finally beat me down today.  So, instead of continuing with the last day of our Sequoia trip, please enjoy a look at the three does and two fawns that have been visiting my parents at the farm.  My dad took these amazing pics from the kitchen.

Isn't this little fawn adorable?  I've never seen a fawn outside of a Disney movie.  They really do have spots!

That vertical post is the bird feeder which is about halfway from the house and the hot wire you see in front of the deer.

This little fawn got brave and actually is about half way to the house.

Curious little thing.

I love those big deer ears!

The other little fawn has moved off into the woods in this photo.  My dad thinks that not having cows on the property is the main reason they've seen more deer near the house than ever.  Well, that and mom has a "no shooting from the back door" rule.  She says it isn't "sporting".

Seriously... Thoughts?

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